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Why Should I leave?

So i found this great piece on Divorce. I think i should share with you, my awesome readers.
P.S watch out for my post on divorce, it’s coming soon!!!!


Nobody wants to end the beautiful union called marriage. But when it hits the rock, you might want to ask yourself critical questions concerning your life, your happiness, your goals and much more which hopefully was supposed to unfold in the matrimonial fold.


Divorce today is a commonplace in our modern society. Apart from the Philippines and the Vatican City where virtually there is no procedure for divorce, there have been soaring divorce cases around the world.

Arguably, divorce may be a short term or perhaps a long term exit for abused women in many marriages. But on the long run, it has proved to be a very stressful experience for separated couple both in finances, living arrangements, household jobs, schedules, parenting, and the outcomes of children in the marriage as they face a very difficult phase of development from childhood to adulthood.

There are wide ranges of issues which…

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