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When He Cheats- To Leave Or Not?

So last week, we had the “when she cheats” series. It would be unfair to give guys a chance to share their experiences and not give ladies same.
So here goes….


I had gotten married to the man of my dreams, I loved him probably much more than I loved myself. He was my knight in shining armour, the best thing that happened to me. We had dated for just 6 months but I felt like I knew him all my life. So when he popped the big question, I did not hesistate to say yes.

Five years into the marriage and we didn’t yet have a child. We had tried every means possible, we didn’t understand why this would happen to us, we prayed, fasted, did everything possible.
At first, he was quite supportive, but after a while, he started to drift away. A friend would give birth or another would get pregnant, and he would start to lecture me on how a woman should get pregnant so she can keep her home. I was worried, he had changed so drastically, I didn’t know what to do. He had started keeping late nights and when I asked him, he would say his work kept him out late. I also had a job, a 9-5 so I wasn’t always at home. I complained to my friends and relatives and they said he was just being an African man, and that it would all pass in time. To every other person outside, we were the perfect couple, but I knew what I was going through. The emotional torture from him was becoming unbearable.

I finally took in. I was the happiest woman on earth. My husband became the most loving man on planet earth. Oh my God, he showered me with the most expensive of gifts, I could not believe it.
One fateful afternoon, two months into my pregnancy, my neighbor called me aside and told me that my husband normally brought a woman to the house after I had left for work. I refused to believe it, how could it be, I was pregnant for him, I loved him and I was sure he loved me back. Anyway, she promised to call me when next he brought her.
For days, I kept waiting for that call, I would leave for work in the morning, and while at work, if a call came, my heart would skip a beat. Just when I was about writing my neighbor off as one of those rumor mongers, I received her call. She called me to hurry home, and that my husband and another woman had been in for about 30 minutes.
I took a bike home, on my way home, many thoughts ran through my mind, when I got home, the door was locked, but I had my key. I opened the door and went upstairs straight to our bedroom, there they were, as shameless as they could be. I screamed in horror, it seemed like one of those movies I saw regularly on television. I wanted to faint but I did not faint, I begged the ground to open up and swallow me, but nothing of that sort happened.


I went back to the office, pondering on the situation, here I was carrying his baby and he could do that to me, I didn’t understand, I thought he loved me dearly. After crying my eyes out, that evening, I went to see my pastor, and told him everything, and also that I was contemplating having an abortion. He advised me against that and asked me to go home and act like nothing happened.

I did exactly that, I didn’t discuss the topic, and after two days of being quiet on the subject, my husband came begging on his knees. He asked for forgiveness and also told me that the other woman had a child for him. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was mad, but to cut the long story short, I forgave him, though it is better said than experienced, what more could I do after all, I signed “for better for worse, till death do us part”.



One thought on “When He Cheats- To Leave Or Not?

  1. Things that have to do with matrimony goes beyond any act of sin. Forgiveness is a huge virtue in dealing with an infidel spouse. If forgiveness can’t hold the bulge then wanting out becomes inevitable.


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