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When He Cheats- First Love

I got chills when I heard this story, I mean, he was her first love. I am glad I don’t have “first love bad memories” like most people do because I feel your first love experience makes or mars about 50% of your opinion about guys!
Anyway, enjoy!!!


The first time I fell in love with somebody, you know how first love is now, I was walking on sunshine. He made me feel special and you know “gish gish gash gash” . He was the best thing that happened to me. I was the happiest person on earth at the time.
We were coursemates, and I had been admiring him since I came into the school, his asking me to date him was like a confirmation that he had taken notice of me. After playing the usual hard to get, for a while, I said yes and we started dating. He was all I wanted in a guy and more, tall, fair, handsome, one of the best students in class, you know, every girl’s dream.

We started dating, then he said he wanted the relationship to be kept between us. I asked why and he said because people liked to poke their noses and that he didn’t like third parties. I was naïve, eager to please, so I obeyed. So people thought we were just tight friends and nothing more. That was what he wanted, so I let him.
There was this girl that kept on asking me questions about him, like his birthday, his favourite colour, I became suspicious. I needed to investigate and by doing that, I would have to tell someone about the relationship. I followed my guts and confided in a friend. She did her investigation and came back to tell me that my boyfriend was also dating that girl. I was devastated and I confronted him, but he only denied it, and I stupidly believed him.

After I couldn’t bear it anymore, I confronted the girl myself and asked her if she was dating him, she confirmed it and I told her everything, she said she had asked him about me and that he said we were only good friends and that was why she thought it wise to ask me all those questions about him. He had apparently also told her not to tell anyone and keep the relationship a secret but she was too psyched to keep quiet about it.
We confronted him together and asked him why he was double dating,  and he told me to my face in the presence of the other girl that he was dared to ask me out and that going out with me was in order to win a bet. All this he said while begging the other girl. Sure, we both broke up with him, but I was hurt in a way I still cannot explain. I guess I was the unimportant one. He went ahead to tell other people that he wasn’t the one that asked me out, that I was the one who forced myself on him.


Anyway right now, I am over him, and I have someone in my life who sees a future with me.


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