Dance In The Rain

This is for someone who is struggling with something, to remind you that there is always someone out there to help you through this phase.


I feel like I am drowning,

The very air around me, suffocating,

The world seemingly expecting my end,

Life struggles causing me to bend,

I am out here,

The darkening skies raising my fear,

The rains about to pour,

The drums about to be beat,

Have I been left alone,

To dance in the rain?

I really can not stand the pain,

The stares, it is enough bane,

But that is when I see him,

He who calls me bone of my bone,

I am his to own,

He says, I wont leave you alone,

I would dance with you,

I would dance in the rain with you.



12 thoughts on “Dance In The Rain

  1. Well said Nne.. You know yeah.. There is something about oh! So! ghen ghen about life.. And it is the fact that great things happen just after a very sad thing happens.. Check it. When we are broken.. We often times not long after get to fall in love.. get a big break.. or get a new life changing blessing.. But all in all yeah Bubba.. Whether there be no great thing at the end of teh hard time or not…. From every difficult experience, leRRus remember to not forget, that it is impoRRant that we leave with something prime.. which eezz a stronger heart to be able to know that if we survived this.. We can survive anything.. Weldone Blessing… Weldone.. This was deep like that.. 🙂

    **In Korede Bello’s voice.. Oya Bere verse… Bubba, we nominated thee for the Ms Versatile award on the Young and utterly Confused Blog.. Please Nne.. I beg you in the name of my ID card rope.. Please check out the link below and take up the challenge.. Pleaaaasssseee Ehiz.. I beg you oh! oya please nah Bubba… Pretty please?!


    and teh crowd goes.. Mmmmwaaaaah!

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