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Leadership Qualities To Embrace From Scandal’s Olivia Pope.

First, I must say “Happy new month guys”. I am pretty excited about this month, not just because the year is going to be over soon, but because, guess what? SCANDAL SEASON 5 is coming to town. Yes!!! ABC’S Scandal (the 5th season) would be premiering this September, Thursday 24th on the same channel. See here for the countdown calendar to season 5 on ABC


Now just in case you are not acquainted with this series, picture this: The white house is in chaos, the confused Chief of Staff and the President’s wife Mellie are reporting to President in the oval office, the President of the most powerful nation in the world, President Fitzgerald Grant is at a loss on what to do, and then, in walks OLIVIA POPE, CEO Olivia Pope And Associates, fixers as they like to refer to themselves. She is told the problem and she says “I’ll fix it” like it is nothing. She doesn’t ever consider any problem as “unfixable” and trust me, she is good at her job and knows it. This is the case scenario which presents in some episodes.


So what is there to learn from this series?

1. Trust your instincts: So you have that business you want to go into and your instincts are screaming support all the way, maybe you should just do it. Or there is this relationship you are about to enter but something about it doesn’t seem right, maybe you should take a step back and re-examine the situation before plunging head first. Olivia Pope teaches you that about 90% of the time your instincts are right. If you ask, most top executives would tell you that they got to be who they are today by learning to listen to their gut feeling.

2. Be confident: Being confident is not just about putting up a “yes I can do it face”. It is in the way you talk, it is in the way you carry yourself, your gait. It is in the knowing how good you are at your job, it is knowing what jobs you can take on and those you can’t. It is in not allowing a “no” from a potential client weigh you down, because guess what? There would be better jobs. So stand tall, be professional, walk and talk the part, and most importantly, get better at your field.

3. Your personal problems are not your client’s business: Olivia Pope’s mother is the most wanted terrorist in the country, her father is command of a very dangerous secret organization, she is basically the “side-chick” of the president and they love each other very much even though he is married. But when there is a client, she doesn’t bring her emotional baggage along or even let it come in between her and her job. Your client doesn’t need to know about that house rent that hasn’t been paid or that problem at home. Seriously, keep it to yourself!!!

4. Stand for something: The sentence “we are gladiators” is used every time by the staff of Olivia Pope and Associates and it means just one thing, that their specialty is rising up in their client’s defense no matter the deed that has been done by that client who needs fixing. Hence they are called fixers. What do you want the world to know you for? It is time to start re-branding and focus on what you want to be referred to as “best at”.

5. Passion is contagious: Olivia Pope is passionate about her job and this rubs off on her employees. If she isn’t around, work would go on as smoothly as if she were. How much passion you put in your work is exactly how much your employees or people under you would put into it too.

6. Do not go against the law: Picture this, a crime scene in which the client has committed murder, the body is right there and there is blood all over the place. Olivia Pope steps in and without thinking makes a swift decision to clean up the scene. She is found out by the Attorney General, charged to court and narrowly escapes being found guilty. We are not always that lucky, so it is good to think situations through before acting and also importantly not go against the law. Why risk wasting years behind bars?

7. Don’t be afraid of competition: Olivia Pope knows her she is very good at what she does and doesn’t flinch at the mention of competitors. You should learn that healthy competition brings out the best in you. Have you looked at your class recently? There are so many of you studying for the same thing but the key is to know that the sky is never full of stars.

8. Hey, first impression matters a lot so look and dress the part. You want to be acknowledged as a professional? Then look like one!!!!


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