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Violated #SayNoToRape

Rape!!! I dont think anything on earth would justify making a woman pass though this. This is someone’s story.


Kemi didn’t want to completely tell her story the first time. She was concerned that if she said that on the day she was raped, she had stopped at a shop to buy a cigarettte, it will somehow justify the fact that she was violated in the most horrible manner; physically, emotionally and mentally battered and torn to shreds and silvers.

The night Kemi was raped she had gone to buy suya. She stopped at a shop, got a cigarette and flagged down a bike. She got on the bike and headed to buy Suya. It was 7:05pm. Then the bike started jerking. She was confused but calm. “Maybe it was faulty”, she thought. Then the rider stopped her, asked her to get down from the bike and put a dagger to her throat. He collected her phone and money then zoomed off.

She was shaky, scared. She turned here and there, scared for her life. She stood there till she got the courage to flag down another bike. She got on the bike hastily and told the bike man where she was going to. When they rode for a while, he asked her if she realized he was the person that just robbed her. Kemi said that, at that point that she felt forsaken by God, her heart rose to her mouth. He said he was going to stab her if she screamed or moved. “The bike man further threatened that he will stab me if I tried to run or raise any alarm,” Kemi said. “ Then he took me to a lonely area and further pushed me into an uncompleted building. At that point, I knew that my dream of letting someone who I truly love deflower me was about to be dashed.” With a dagger to her neck, he tore her clothes and raped her not minding her pleas, amidst her blood and screams. When he was done, he ordered her to leave.
She crawled to an open road where she got help from some boys going home from night class. She was taken home, but she kept bleeding uncontrollably, then she was rushed to the hospital where she did series of tests and a surgery to stitch a tear she got from the rape.

It took her several years to realize that it wasn’t her fault. She dragged the baggage of being molested from relationship to relationship. She sleeps, eats, baths, thinking of the experience, thinking of what she could have done differently. And even though a few people understand what rape does to a person, this is an open apology to kemi.

I apologize that you sleep and wake up everyday and realize that you live in a world where girls, women (young and old) still get raped and very little is being done to combat it. I apologize that in our society, rapists often never get punished. I apologize for the shame and guilt you feel. I apologize that you and I know that at least one in every five women you meet in Nigeria has been sexually molested. I apologize that you didn’t get justice. I apologize for the sleepless nights, for those days you close your eyes and see his face, feel his arms grabbing you, hear his groans, taste your tears in your lips, feel the pangs of pain between your legs. I apologize that he violated you, put a tear in between your legs and in your heart.


Source: Red Corner, The Bug Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Violated #SayNoToRape

  1. I apologise that he even exists at all but encourage you to talk about it to diffuse the pressure, the tension and the hate, only then can the Stigma die and attention, alertness and focus be beamed on the innocent victim waiting to be taken next

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