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7 Things You Dont Know About Me

So I was nominated for Miss Versatile by the YOUNG AND CONFUSED GANG..*dancing around* Loool… Before I continue, let me enlighten you on what the YnC GANG is all about.  It was formed by Duru Adolphus Junior, He is an engineer and writer, and he noticed that we young people have a lot of things up our sleeves, in short we tend to act like octopuses, doing so many things at the same time, and that is because we are on a road to self-discovery at this tender age. And as time goes on we cut away most of the things that are quite unnecessary and focus on what we want to be known for (kinda like building a brand…I know right)

Ok, so enough of stories that touch, I was asked to do a response post telling you my followers 7 things about myself. So here goes!


1. I love God. I can’t over-emphasize this. I am a living example of when people say God talks to them. Yes He talks to me, I am not talking about dreams now, though it is part of it, I mean I hear him speak to me daily, and looking back I realize that every problem I might have encountered in life is as a result of my hearing and not obeying and every open door has been because I took a step in the right direction, HiM!!! When I don’t listen, he sends people to warn me. I don’t know why he loves me so much, because I am not exactly your “Sunday” Christian but I love Him with all my heart.

2. I hate people that waste my time. Damn!!! You wanna piss me off? Stand me up. If I talk to you after that, I must like you soooo much. We might say hi, but that is as far as it would go. I distance myself from people who don’t keep to time. Because if you respect me, you would respect my time.

3. Nothing trips me like organization. Just be an organized person and you have my heart. 

4. I love loyalty and that is why I choose my friends carefully. I am a very free person, and I talk to everybody, but my friends…nah…they are soooo few and they hold a special place in my heart. Some of my friends, Ella of Ellapinkette, Stephen Sandra, Elsie, and others I can’t even begin to mention.



5. I love arguments on politics, women rights, civil rights etc.

6. I hate people who are full of themselves, especially because most of them don’t have anything to make them that proud. There is a thin line between having a high self-esteem and being unnecessarily proud. Most people don’t know this and always tend to cross this line. I have a very high self esteem but I am not proud.

7. I am a very good example of an octopus. I multi-task and that is because I hate being less busy and I always have so many ideas going through my head.

So that is all, lest I forget, I am an impulsive talkative (whatever that means). You think you know me? I would love to hear your opinions and if you like, you can even talk about yourself too…hehehe 😀


11 thoughts on “7 Things You Dont Know About Me

  1. I totally agree with you. The last time I met you, I saw all 6 of these qualities. I may not know where number 1 fall into but I sure know that you are a miracle. I’m glad to be contemporary with you. I appreciate our friendship too.

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