Fiction Series

Tales Of Kome(2)

Last week, we had the first part of Tales of Kome, I promised that this series was going to come up every Tuesday, but I had to give enough room for you my readers to savor my Monday post on Time Management. In any case, I take back my word on bringing this series every Tuesday, it would however be posted every week.

The series TALES OF KOME is a breakdown of the life of a lady called KOME and it sheds light on what it takes to be a full time house wife in Nigeria while giving us the highs and the lows of this particular “career choice”.


From last week:

“Honey I’m home” I hear him exclaim from the sitting room. He seems excited and he is back early today, I can’t help but wonder what has put him in such a good mood. “Love, I will be with you in a minute” I shout back from the kitchen “I need to just put this stew in the microwave.” Tunde’s moods, I should not bother studying the dynamics of it, because I would never graduate. The best thing is to just live in the moment.

“Honey, good afternoon, you are back so early today?” I ask as I get to the sitting room. He is seated on the couch already. “Yes, today was a half day.” he starts “We got a new Manager at the office, she was transferred from the Lekki branch. All these island people and the way they “chill”, she said she needs the rest of the day to get her head around the affairs of the office” I laugh. My husband has this great sense of humor. He can make a joke out of anything and his sarcasm game, no one can beat him at it. “But what happened to Mr Shote?” I ask “He is going for a 2 year course, in the States, he would probably come back to meet a promotion.” he answers. “Really? That is so cool. Tunde don’t you think it is high time you went for your Masters?” I ask him. “Yes I have been thinking about it, in fact I heard the form for the Open University is out, I would probably go there tomorrow to make enquiries” he replies. “Open University? I don’t like it, a Masters degree from there may not hold as much prestige as when you have a Masters from, let’s say, one of these federal schools, I would even prefer you get one from outside the country.” I say just as I push the thought of me getting a masters too to the back of my mind. Tunde would not hear of it. “No I don’t think so.” He starts “The Open University is just as good as any other federal university and it gives me enough time to work and school.” He continues. “Well, if you say so.” I say finally.

Just then I remember the movie trailer I saw earlier during the day. I really want to see the movie and I can’t remember when last we spent time with ourselves, away from work, the kids etc. It won’t be a bad idea to suggest we see it together. I look to where he is seated, I am scared of asking him, I may ask him and he would say something like I am being lazy and always thinking of ways to spend money. “There is no harm in trying though” I say to myself. Actually there is a lot of harm, Tunde’s temper is not something anybody should joke with and lately he has begun this use of profane language especially on the children, which I don’t understand.

I move over to him, he is about to bring out his laptop. “My dear Tunde, not today!” I mutter. While other women complain about their husband’s philandering habits, my complain is that my husband is married to his work and not me. At times I feel like I have been relegated to the background. You see the passion when he works, I love the fact that he is committed to his job, at least that is what pays the bills, but I wish he would also channel some level of commitment to our marriage. “What if there is another woman and he is just good at hiding it?” I ask myself. No! If there is anything I am sure of, it is that Tunde would never cheat on me. But then, there is this big space between us that keeps filling with things we don’t say to each other. Maybe I should work, maybe I have too much time on my hands, maybe I am just selfish and crave too much attention. You need to hear my husband talk about other women who have accomplished a lot in his line of business. Even a blind man would tell that Tunde admires women who stand out. I want him to talk about me with such passion, I want to come back home and tell him stories about how I did something great during the day. Being a stay-at-home mom has become such a bore for me. I can’t deal any longer.


“Tunde, don’t tell me you are about to continue your office work?” I ask, my eyes fixed on the laptop. “Actuallly, yes I am” He answers me with this look on his face, I can’t quite place. “You should freshen up first” I say. “No, I just need to tidy up something on a document, shouldn’t take long” he replies. When he answers like that, you just know he is spending the next 2-3 hours on that laptop. I ask myself if I should just leave him to work or place my request, today has been good so far, and I don’t want his temper to spoil it for me. I eventually decide to ask him. I take a seat beside him and place my hands on his shoulders. “Tunde, I want us to see a movie today, you know we haven’t  had time to ourselves in a very long while, you are home early today and the kids are not back from school yet, we may not get this chance in a long time” Tunde looks up at me from his laptop. At this point, I am not sure what expression I am reading on his face, “oh no” I think to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up at all…

To be continued!!!


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