Women & Children

International Girl Child Day

So today, 11th October, the girl child is being celebrated all over the world. Someone would ask, why there is a special day for the girls.



Celebrating the girl child does not in any way say that they are weak or needy, rather, this day was earmarked because inequality faced by the females as children has subtly but disturbingly taken over our society. You see it in the child marriages, rape cases, and domestic violence, the denial of her right to education. And this is because, many see the girl-child as inferior, even here in Nigeria, you hear it in the way a woman is talked about if all her children are girls, you see it in the way she is treated by her husband’s family if she fails to produce a male, the sadness on a woman’s face when she is told that her child is yet again a female. I can tell you this because I have witnessed it first-hand. Most of us would say we do not get to witness these things happen because we live in the cities, but I would say that we simply choose to ignore it, because in our society, the discrimination is present even among supposedly enlightened minds.


It is time, we realized that we are all equal, boy or girl, man or woman. Nobody’s rights should not be denied them on account of their gender, they should all be given equal opportunities. Take a stand today, help fight for that girl whose rights are being denied her, who knows, she may turn out to be the next world leader.


Also, to the families of the Chibok girls kidnapped over 500 days ago, our hearts are with you, stay strong and please do not lose hope.


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