Women & Children



Since I can remember,
In order to feel better about myself,
I needed a boy to notice me,
To give me that second glance,
To make me feel like,
I was the only girl in the world.

But as I grew,
I felt the glances of many,
Hovering over me,
Like a cloud that could bring in the sunshine,
The warmth of being seen

Or storm,
At any minute of every day,
To bring my self-esteem to its breaking point,
And make me feel inadequate and needy
Because we live in a world,
Where we are not allowed to feel comfortable,
With the way we look,
And the way we dress,
And the way we are

Media has taught us,
That standards are everything
And that no one cares,
Unless you are pretty or dying,

And in order for us to be loved,
We need to move towards one or the other,
So we slit our wrists,
And pin our faces,
Because loving yourself,
Is stuck up

And knowing that you are enough,
And not allowing the male species,
To determine how good you are,
Is a sin,
It is feminist,
And it deteriorates the worth of men,

But when we walk down the street,
With men calling you names,
And spinning words of deceit,
We are expected to give them attention,
And if they don’t get it,
It is all well,
You weren’t pretty anyway,
It was a misconception

When are we going to realize,
That our worth is not to be found,
In the eyes of men,
They degrade us,
We degrade us,
The bipolar minds of our youth,
Need to realize,
That words don’t mean anything,

Unless I have determined,
In my mind,
That this and that matter,
And that this and that do not,
Remind yourself,
That you are what you are

At the end of the day,
When you lay your head,
On that tear stained pillow,
You are worth more,
Than a standard,
And an expectation of a man,
You are worth more,
Than that diamond, ruby and pearl,
That makes you feel good on the inside

One day you’ll realize it,
It just takes time.


Taffiny Kablay is a Slam Poet from Botswana and based in Illinois, United States. You can check out her YouTube Channel to watch her videos through this link youtube.com/taffinykablay



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