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Tales of Kome (3)- FictionSeries

My mum never told me marriage was this stressful. From cleaning everywhere, to cooking, to taking care of the children and my husband, to the endless sexual romps. At first when I got married, I totally enjoyed the fact that my husband loved to have sex with me every time, but as time went on, and the kids started coming in, I started to get tired of it. You want to ask why? I do basically everything in this house, I have to prepare my family for work every morning, my husband does not lift a pin, he won’t even allow me get a maid, because he says that I spend the whole day doing nothing, he has no idea that being a full-time house wife is a career too, by the time I am kissing the kids good night, I would be too exhausted and that is when my husband would place his demands. No way!!! All I can think off at that point is to fall sleep and not satisfy one man’s sexual appetite. He complains that I starve him, well he would starve him if he were in my shoes and was as tired as I was each day, by the way, I try my best, but my body is not made of wood, if things go on like this, I might breakdown someday.


Anyway, enough of my whining, you want to know what happened that day when I asked him to take me to the movies right? Tunde agreed, surprisingly, and I was already beginning to think we would have our time together finally. But to my dismay, he told me about a couple of his guys at the office who were talking about going to the movies too, before I could say “Jack” he called them up and made arrangements for us to see a movie with them. I wanted to scream, I mean, here was a man who I barely got enough time with and instead of allowing us spend this time together, he was calling up his friends. Of course, I was the “tag along”, he had such a wonderful time with his friends and I got relegated to the background. Through the movie, I could not help but wonder if I was married or just living with a man.

My thoughts are interrupted by my phone’s ring-out. “Who could it be?” I ask myself at the same time checking the caller-id, it is not a saved number. I look at the clock, it is 1pm and thankfully, the kids are not expected back until 4pm, I still have a lot to do. I answer the phone, “hello” I say. “Hello Kome, it is me Werima”. “Oh Werima longest time o, na so you just forget your babe, life no be like so o” I say in local parlance. Werima is my best friend, we have been best-buddies since our university days, just that, of late, married life has been making us drift apart but then there is a Nigerian adage that says that “20 friends cannot play together for 20 years”. She has been very busy with work and maintaining a family at the same time, at times, I envy her, she has all the freedom in the world and has a very understanding husband. “Ahn ahn, babe, why you dey talk like this naw, you know say na work dey always chop pesin time, anyway sha, e be like say I go reach ya side this Saturday o” she replies. “Oh really, that would be nice, I would be expecting you then” I switch back to normal English, pidgin has always been too stressful for me, though it comes very easy to Werima which is quite understandable since she grew up in the south-southern part of Nigeria. “Ok, cook chaw for pesin to chop, we get plenty to yarn” she says. “No problem just call me when you are coming” I reply. “Ok, how family sha and that your husband, hope say una dey alright” she asks. “Yes we are fine” I reply. “Ok sha, take care of yourself o, we go see” she says. “Yh, take care of you too, Bye” I reply smiling to myself, and with that we end the call.

That evening, my husband announces to me that he would be travelling on an official assignment with his boss by weekend and that he would be gone for a whole week. “How many of you are going from the office?” I ask. “Just I and Linda” he says. There is something I don’t like about this news, just him and his boss together on a journey, plus when did they start referring to each other by their first names. I am sure, you are thinking there is no basis for my suspicion, but of late my husband has been filling my ears about how his new boss who just got transferred to his branch is all shades of awesome, in fact, the day is not complete without Tunde telling me something about his boss. Maybe, I am just getting unnecessarily cranky. I decide to loosen up, but then, let me ask him one question. “So you now refer to your boss with her first name?” I ask. “Actually, she is cool like that. We have worked on so many projects together and shared a lot of thoughts on so many issues, so she doesn’t have any problems with me calling her by her first name except when we are on duty outside the office. In fact, she is not just my boss now, she is my friend.” He goes on to narrate “tales by moonlight” about his boss. You see, that is my problem, I don’t like the closeness that is beginning to form between my husband and his boss, coupled with the fact that she is single and they are going on this trip together, I don’t like this at all. “Or maybe I am being jealous, because he spends most of the day with her in the office, I should snap out, after all, I trust Tunde, he has never cheated on me and would never cheat on me except with his work, and his guys”. I say, thinking aloud.

Weekend arrives and his flight is scheduled for Friday evening. While I help him pack, I can’t help but think that there is something about this trip I don’t like, I just can’t quite place my finger on it. Maybe, it is because it is the first time Tunde would be leaving me for a whole week and to think he would be spending the time with his female boss, “this is not good” I say to myself….

To be continued…
By the way, I saw this picture, and thought to myself, this would be good for someone.



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