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And so my husband boarded his flight that evening. I had driven him to the airport, where I met his boss who was already there waiting for him. Well, she seemed pretty nice and kept a respectable distance, and I could not help thinking that my suspicions were baseless. “Look at how ungrateful I am, my husband spends hours working to feed me and the children and all I can do is just sit at home and make up unnecessary scenarios in my head.” I spanked myself “Anyway, what could possibly happen? My husband loves me, and it is just a business trip.”

That weekend, my best friend, Werima, came over to the house to see me. We had so much fun, she had met me when I was just returning from the market and we cooked together, just like old times and talked and talked.

“So your husband has gone on a business trip with his boss?”

“Yes, he has” I answered. “My husband loves his job, he is just so enthusiastic about climbing the corporate ladder.”

“That is good. It is good for one to always aim at being the best in all they do. That is why I don’t understand why Biodun is so lackadaisical with his work” she said.

I was confused. Biodun is Werima’s husband. I thought all was well between them.
“Nne, I don’t understand. What’s up with Biodun” I asked.

“Don’t mind me, it is nothing exactly. Just that, Biodun doesn’t put effort into his law practice, I wonder if he would ever be among those top notch lawyers.” She replied. “I thought being an employee wasn’t good for him, so I had encouraged him to start up his own chambers, but he is just so lazy, I really can’t deal. He hardly gets cases and he doesn’t go out to look for them either.”

I smiled. Werima just expects everyone to be like her. “Well chief hustler, not everyone can be like you, just give him time. I am sure with time, it would only get better.”

“Believe me I, I am being patient.” She answered.

That evening, Tunde called me, we chatted a while. I couldn’t help noticing that he sounded distant, and when I asked, he attributed it to tiredness. The kids were asleep when he called so he couldn’t speak to them. He was due to return that coming Friday.

On Thursday evening, Tunde called again.

“Hello love” I said.

“Hello, how are you” he answered.

“I am good. How are you doing?” I asked

“Fine fine” he said

“The kids are not back from school yet, they would have loved to talk to you”

“Oh well, tell them daddy said he is bringing something really huge for them from his trip” he said and I smiled.

“What of their mother, won’t you bring something for her?” I asked.

“Urghhh, you old woman, step aside” he said and I burst out laughing.

“How is your boss? I continued?”

“Same old, same old, she is fine.” He replied.

“Okay, say me well to her” I said.

“I tried booking my flight for tomorrow, but apparently, everything tomorrow is fully booked” he started “so that means, I would be coming back on Saturday”

“I thought your boss took care of everything before the trip. Tunde, saturday is far and I have missed you” I said.

“Actually, she was too busy and forgot to handle that.” he said. “We would be back by Saturday”

“Ok then” I said.

“Yh. Bye. We’ll talk later.” He said.

“Yh, later.” And with that we ended the call.
I couldn’t help noticing the way he made excuses for his boss’ inefficiency. If I was the one who made the silly mistake of forgetting to book plane tickets, the whole heavens would be brought down on my behalf.
Anyway, my husband was coming back home, that was enough reason to be happy. I would have him to myself once more which means I would be sharing his attention with his work. I prayed that his boss would somehow help him understand the importance of marriage, but I had to ask myself how she would do that seeing that she herself wasn’t married.

Friday night, when he called, I asked him to give me his flight details.

“Tunde, what airline are you coming by?” I had asked.

“GT…why are you asking?” he replied.
“Nothing, don’t you think it is important for your wife to have your flight details especially when your family is expecting you back home?” I asked, annoyed that he would ask why I needed the information.

“Oh. Ok. Give me a minute to get it for you.”

A minute turned into an hour, after he called and gave me the flight details, I was about to ask why it took so long for him to get it but I decided against it and figured he must have been occupied. Anyway, his flight the next day was for 10am and it was a one hour flight.

Saturday was here and the children and I were expecting their father, my husband. At exactly 11:45, there was breaking news that an air plane had crashed, the details of the plane that crashed were not given at the time. I was apprehensive, I sent the children to play outside. I tried to reach my man, his phones were switched off. The only thing I could do was hope that it wasn’t the plane my husband had boarded.

At about 12:30, details of the crash started coming in. I checked the flight details and it was exactly my husband’s flight. No survivors were reported. At that point, I lost it completely. I had been trying to reach him, but his phone was still switched off. I did not have the number of his boss, Miss Linda, so I could not reach her either. I did not know what to do or who to call.

I was just about to place a call to his brother when, I heard noise outside followed by a knock on the door, I ran to the door as fast as my legs could carry me. Lo and behold, Tunde was at the door.


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