Personality Of The Week

Personality of the Week

Taking a break from the norm of naming one person as personality of the week and also because I could not find any other set of people worthy of this slot for this week other than the winners(in senior and junior category) of the just concluded Cowbellpedia Mathematics TV quiz.

I am talking of none other than:

Ayodeji Akinkuowo in Senior category from Adeyemi Demonstration School, Ondo State


Munachi Ernest Eze in Junior category from Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja.

For those who do not know, for 15 years now, there has always been a mathematics competition held nationwide here in Nigeria by Promasidor Nigeria Limited, the makers of Cowbell milk (I remember competing when I was in JSS 2 now known as Basic 8, but don’t ask me, I didn’t win). This year they decided to add a little twist to it by bringing the competition right to your television screens, which of course I followed all through. Over 34 000 students enlisted for this competition and these two emerged tops in their respective categories.


This just goes to show that success never comes easy and it takes a certain level of diligence, consistency and hard work to get to the top.

So as you step into the new week remember that you have to set yourself apart from the crowd in all your endeavors through diligence, consistency and hard work.


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