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Five Tips For Your Natural Curly Hair By Victoria Howell

Do you want your hair growing long very fast? We can make your dream come true. You can find here interesting information about hair damage, frizz and other problems and how to fight them. Also you can read some essential tips about special care of your hair type.


Tip#1. Take care of your ends
You should pay more attention to your ends. Usually they are last to get moisture, but they suffer first. The main problem is split ends, as a result of lack of nutrition. Trim your hair regularly and apply special serums right to your ends to make sure that they receive enough moisture. 

#2 Hands Off.
It is great if you have soft and nice hair, but don`t touch it. It can make your hair look greasy or even worse. You should also comb your hair less frequent and if you do it, do it tender. The less manipulation, the less damage – it is a Golden Rule for you. It will also protect you from moisture loss and breakage.

#3 Nutrition.
As for nutrition of natural curly hair, it would be better to use oils and serums. This type of hair needs constant nutrition and moisturizing, so it is, probably, the most important rule of all. It is especially vital during cold winter and hot summer. Try most popular coconut and olive oil first, and then you can find something more appropriate for your hair.

#4. Air dry
It is well known fact that blow dryer make your hair dry and weak. Let it dry in a natural way. You can towel your hair softly after a shower, but don’t go too harsh. You will be surprised how this simple rule helps you hair.

#5. Drink More Water for Hydrated Hair
It is very important for you to get moisture not only through your hair, but also through your body.  It will also improve your skin tone and general body state. Moisturize and nourish your hair and skin from the inside out by drinking water.

Follow these rules and your curls will look shiny and healthy.

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