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Tales Of Kome (6)


“Actually” he started “What happened was that, I had actually returned the day before yesterday in the evening, but I was to meet with some of our partners from the U.S who couldn’t make it to Abuja to close a deal and the meeting was supposed to last all through the night, you know the month ends on Monday, so we really needed to close this deal to conclude and balance our accounts.”

“Oh, I see” I said, “That explains why you have been dead asleep since you got back, but you know it isn’t enough reason for you to have lied to me”

“Well, yeah, I know, I am sorry. I just didn’t know how to tell you that I would get back and not still spend the night at home, so I figured a lie would save us both some arguments but I guess I was wrong” he said while reaching for my bra.

“Nigga, swerve!!!” I said slapping his hand.

“Okay” he sighed then said  “Tell me about the plane crash, I didn’t hear anything about it.”

“Oh, that. Well, it crashed somewhere in Ogun state and there were no survivors. About 150 people were on board.”

“Wow!!! Are you serious?”

“Yeah” I said.

“That is sad. And you thought I was one of them, no wonder you had that look on your face” he burst into a fit of laughter.

“You should have seen yourself yesterday”

“You are just a fish. I should punish you.”

“How come the children didn’t know about it” he asked.

“About what?” I asked.

“The crash”

“Oh, I sent them outside immediately I heard the news” I said. Tunde was still laughing.

“Don’t ever lie to me again” I said sternly.

“Yes mademoiselle” he replied.

“Madam I am famished, please feed me”

“Aha, this is how you know he is back, he starts throwing orders around” I thought to myself.

Days later, I was about to give Tunde’s clothes to the dry cleaners when I felt something in one of his pockets. It was a pack of condoms, the same one I normally slip into his pocket whenever he has to embark on a journey.
Well, with men, you never know, so I just do that, just in case he finds himself in one of those situations, I won’t have to be paying a trip to the hospital. It was untouched meaning my husband didn’t cheat while on his trip. You don’t know the joy and gladness that coursed through my veins. I was so happy.

I was surfing through the web and I found this great meet up group for house wives and there and then I decided to join.

“But I need Tunde’s approval” I thought to myself.

If I didn’t get his approval, he just might flare up when he realizes I joined a group without his consent.

“Oga has not vented this past few days, and I think I like the peace as it is” I thought aloud.

“But on the other hand, I need to go out and meet people before I run mad in this house from talking to myself”

I decided to tell him, not minding his reaction.

I switched on the news and watched. According to the news, the crash debris was still being cleared, I just couldn’t help wondering how one’s life could change in an instant. This minute you are so happy and think you have life at your beck and call, the next minute, you are in deep sorrow. At that point, life meant nothing to me. I was reminded of the days I was growing up.

Our neighbor’s husband was an “okada” (bike) rider. He was such a loving and gentle soul. I remembered how my mother used to leave me at their house anytime she was to go out. He was so nice, and their family was so perfect, he had three children and I particularly liked his first son, Theo. One day, he went out and never came back. They searched and searched for him but didn’t find him and during those days, only a privileged few used phones. Days later, news got to us that he was involved in an accident. A trailer had crushed him and his bike. It was so bad that one could not even recognize him, his bike was also beyond repair. The family was thrown into a state of confusion. I had never before witnessed grief so much, one could taste it. The whole street felt the loss. The family moved out of the house after some days and since then, that apartment had been empty.

That evening, I decided to make something really special, a new dish I had been thinking of trying. Today I was going to make it for the family. It was going to be some sort of a dinner for I and my husband, wines and all. The children would have theirs in their room and I would have mine with my husband.

“A little bit of privacy between couples never hurt anybody” I said to myself.

Just then the phone rang. It was Tunde.

“Hello Tunde”

“Hello Babe, wanted to tell you I was going to be a bit late today.” He said from the other end. “I’m sorry.”

“Okay” I sighed “No problem, don’t stay out too late” I said.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later. Bye” he said.

“Bye, I love you” I replied.

“Yh, I love me too” he said.

“Get out” I said finally laughing and cut the phone.

“This boy!!!” I said to myself “Anyway ‘nothing spoil’ I will wait for him. We must have that dinner today”

First I needed to get scented candles, so the room could smell nice. We might as well try for another baby today.

“I won’t mind having a girl for a change” I said as I left the house to shop for cooking ingredients and scented candles.

To be continued…

Photo credit: Instagram @blackmilkmagazine


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