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Best Every Day Tips For Your Natural Hair

Description: Useful and unique everyday hair care tips for African-American women.

African-American hair has special structure and appearance. It suffers from extra dryness, damage, thinning or even hair loss. Luckily, there are things that can prevent these to happen.

Tip#1 Washing your hair: Try to wash your hair once a week or even rarer. It will prevent your hair from damage and excess dryness, because shampoos and all this kind of stuff don’t work well on your hair. If you wash your hair every day, it will lead to serious problems and hair conditioner will not save you.

Tip#2 Hair conditioning: Washing your hair once a week, you still need to use hair conditioners every time you do it. It is vital for your type of hair. Pay more attention to your ends, because they are usually the most damaged and dry, but receive the lesser portion of the product.

Tip#3 Protecting from the heat: If you like to change your hairstyle every day, to iron it or something else, it is important to protect your hair. Use special serums or sprays that reduce damage from styling tools heat and prevent further hair loss.

Tip #4 Hair relaxing: Hair relaxing is extremely popular among modern women. If you want your hair look straight and sleek, always go to a professional stylist and be sure that everything is done right. Do a hair relaxing only to a new hair and never apply it to hair that has already been relaxed.

Tip #5 Hair cuts: Don’t make your braids, ponytails and other hairdos too tight. If it hurts you, while you are making it, stop and redo it. Frequent wearing of tight hairdos cause hair losses, split ends and horrible head ache. It would be better to let your hair fall down and rest for a couple of days.

So, now you know how to take care of your hair properly. Use our tips and you will have long, healthy and beautiful hair.

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