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Best Tips on How to Comb Male Afro Hair

Description: Four easy steps for men who want their hair to be healthy and beautiful every day


If you have natural Afro hair, it is definitely a reason to be proud. You can easily embrace any cool, unique and daring look. But let’s face the truth, it is very hard, sometimes, to style kinky, layered and textured hair. Even such a simple thing as brushing can be not an easy task to complete. In our article you will find useful tips about how to comb African American hair. 

Tip #1 Dampen your hair.
Never brush your hair, when it’s dry. Only if it is straightened, you can comb it slightly. This mistake can cost you a lot. Hair breakage, split ends and even hair loss – all these are effects of dry combing. Try to do it, when your afro hair is damp or a little wet. You can use a special spray, it will ease the whole process.  

Tip #2 Divide your hair into several parts.
Section your hair, before combing. The number of sections depends on the thickness and length of your hair. If you have short hair, it is not necessary for hair to be parted, but in case of long hair, it requires some sections. Hair bands can help you in dividing.

Tip #3 Moisturize and Oil your hair.
Use hair moisturizers to your hair regularly. It is better to apply it to every section separately. It can be water or oil based product, for example jojoba, coconut, olive oils are very good for your hair. Mineral and petroleum oils are better not to be used here. Pay attention to your ends, because they are the driest of all hair.  Such moisturizing products will give appropriate structure to your hair and ease combing.

Tip #4 Use right toothed comb.
Wide-toothed combs are the best choice for Afro American hair.  Fine or some other brush will damage your hair. Comb first section, starting from the ends and gently move up to roots. After it, go to other section. When all of the sections are done, run though all hair once more time and make sure that there is no tangled hair left.

Now you know all secrets of combing natural Afro hair for men. Use them and have nice hair.

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