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I got back from the market that day, to meet the kids already back from school. I hadn’t realized time had gone by so quickly, I was held up at a friend’s store, “Iya Tope” as she is fondly called, it means mother of Tope. She had talked and talked and talked, she held me up at her store for almost an hour, talking about her late father who had just been buried, her trip to the village and other things that did not really concern me, but what could I do? Once she started, there really wasn’t anything anyone could do to stop her.

As soon as I got back, I settled down to making dinner. I had to feed Desmond and Fredrick first, give them something to chew on while the dinner got ready. Yes, the dinner I looked forward to so much. For me, I wanted to use today to appreciate my family, my husband, my children, thank God for my life basically, because, the incident of the past few days had had such great effect on me. I had learnt that life was just too short and that everything could be taken away in an instant. I thought about the people that had lost their lives in that accident, I had even learnt that a whole family had been wiped out. They had just been returning from their daughter’s wedding and father, mother and other siblings had been wiped out in one swoop. I wondered about the new bride and how she would be feeling. This would be the worst period of her life.

Anyway, I had to get dinner ready soon, so I started work on my new recipe. In no time, dinner was ready and I served the children. It was just 6:30pm, Tunde was normally back by this time but today he had called to say he was going to be late, meaning he would probably get here by 9pm latest, and it was perfectly fine by me because our own dinner was going to be special and without interference from the kids.

First things first, I had to chill the wine, it was a French wine, Werima had gotten it for me the last time she travelled to Paris in France. Then next, this lingerie, that I had just gotten as I went shopping earlier in the day. “This night is going to be sizzling hot!!!” I thought to myself as I brought it out of my closet.

Three hours later, Tunde still wasn’t back, I had just tucked the children in and I decided to have a shower, I was famished and was waiting for Tunde to get back from work.
At exactly 11pm, he strolled into the house, he had let himself in with his own key. I was half asleep and had totally lost my appetite. He greeted me briefly and went straight to the room and before I could say Jack, he had slept off with his clothes still on. I was just too angry to say a thing. The candles had already burned out, the food was still a little warm, but this wasn’t my original plan and I couldn’t eat alone, I would probably choke on my tears.
I just left him to have the bed to himself and went to the sitting room to sleep. I got the wine from the fridge, it was very cold, and I opened it, got a glass and poured some of the drink in. I was too angry to even think about anything and all I wanted to do at that point was drink.

Later that night, I felt someone tap me, I opened my eyes and found myself looking at Tunde. I was still angry and I knew that if I said anything in this state, it would lead to an exchange of words, so I just sat up. I looked around, trying to figure out what the time was. It was 2:00am, I saw the empty bottle of wine and a half filled glass cup beside me and saw Tunde’s questioning eyes. I still had my special lingerie on but I just wanted to take it off and have a good shower because I stank of alcohol.

“What happened here” Tunde asked.

“Why are there burned out candles everywhere?” he asked again, looking around.

It was just best to keep quiet and so I didn’t utter a word.

“Kome I am talking to you”

By this time, I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I wanted to give you a surprise treat and the best you could do was come back late” I said as I burst into tears.

Tunde just stood, confused.

“But I had called you to tell you that I wasn’t going to be home early, hadn’t I” Tunde asked.

“Yes, you had” I said. “But I thought you were going to be home, at worst by 9” I said.

“Okay, I am sorry, I should have at least called you by 9 to tell you I was going to be very late” he said.

I just wanted to go to bed, a slight headache was already surfacing and I had had too much to drink.

“Tunde, I just need to sleep right now, I am too tired” I said to him and walked away.

I made my way to the bathroom and had a shower, after which I went to bed. I could hear Tunde in the bathroom, he too had stepped in after me. I didn’t want to be disturbed by anybody and I knew he might realize that I wasn’t deep in sleep so I turned over to the other side. The headache was beginning to increase and that meant I would not be able to sleep.
I had planned the night with such high hopes only to have them dashed. “Tunde though” I thought to myself. It was always like this, we barely had time for each other, or should I say, he barely had time for me. His job was taking him away from me. When last had we gone out on a date? I know it sounds funny, but before he started working at this company, we used to spend a lot of time together and go out together on a lot of dates. People used to be very envious of us. Tunde used to notice everything that happened at home or every little change that occurs with me. But since this job, and his rapid promotions, he barely has time for me or his kids. Even when it is a “work from home” day, he spends all his time on his laptop. He wont even look at me twice.

“I think I know the problem” I said to myself.
“I have too much time on my hands.”

There and then, I decided that I was going to stop being a house-wife sooner or later. I was tired of having my life revolve around Tunde. I was tired of sitting at home, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the him, doing his laundry, planning new recipes, while nobody gave so much as a thought to me. Yes, it was fun at the beginning, but that was when he cared about me and not his job.

I was tired now and all of this was going to stop. But how?


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