Personality Of The Week

Personality of The Week- Lupita Nyong’o

Today, on personality of the week is Lupita Nyong’o.
For those who do not understand the purpose of this category, “Personality of the Week” talks about people(women and children) that have influenced society in one way or the other.

And so, I am going to be giving you 10 things you do not know about Lupita Nyong’o.


1. She is an award winning Kenyan actress, who took the world by storm with the role she played “Patsey” in 12 years a slave.

2. She was born on the 1st of March 1983 in Mexico.

3. Her name “Lupita” is the short form of “Guadalupe”.

4. She holds a degree in Film and Theatre studies from Hampshire College and a Masters degree from the Yale School of Drama.

5. She was nominated for best supporting actress at the Oscars, Golden globe awards, Critics’ Choice movie awards, and  Screen Actors Guild Award.

6. Lupita has starred in the MTV Shuga series.

7. She is from the same tribe as the President Barrack Obama.

8. She is multilingual; she speaks Spanish, English, Swahili and Luo (her native Kenyan language)

9. She shaved off her hair at the age of 19.

10. In 2009, she wrote, directed and produced a documentary film, In My Genes, which describes the discrimination albinos go through in a predominantly black society.

Photo credit: IG @higgo_cabral


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