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My 2015 Story – Ehi Kack’s

If I am to write an autobiography about my life in details of my year 2015, it would take a lifetime to put in words, so I am going to give a sneakpeak .

The evidence of life has its ups and downs and my 2015 has shown me a lot, like knowing everything isn’t always going to pan out the way you had hoped.

It all started with a bang with all I hoped for after graduation, pursuing a career in acting and making sure every day was a day for self-improvement in mind, body and soul.
During this period, I met a girl who as fate would have it took a special liking to me, but as I was in a relationship, I just wanted to be friends, but then it seems my good nature towards the opposite sex says a different thing, lol, not bragging though.
I know there is harmless flirting but I played along because of how nice she was and I really wanted to know how a beautiful life like hers was being lived. We hung out few times and I got drawn to her, but she got hooked to me, we dated for a while, had our moments and challenges as girls always feel or they just believe a man cannot be faithful, so when an admirer sent me a text which was seen by her, she went into rage and somehow that ended the special connection we had and she vowed not seeing me go far in the industry(acting) and I lost a major gig she had earlier got me.
But then, I know my worth so that didn’t bother me as you can never distract a lion from its prey.

Knowing that challenges in 2014 which wore me down, prepared me for what was to come in 2015 which would become my past soon, and this would also prepare me for the future which is life, don’t you think? Love is not forced and we have to keep moving forward.

In May, I went to camp and all, in a more strange land than the one I thought I was going to get and I met peeps of diversified culture. The three weeks orientation camp was fun though in the beginning I prayed to the Lord to send a flu or something so we could all go home. But alas, the special treatment given to me was more than I expected and I ate donkey meat, lol.

I owe everything to grace because those that are meek shall inherit the earth. Challenges were there but I quickly adapted. The painful part of being in camp was the show biz I was missing out on but I would say He knows better so He would do better.
Jah gave me every reason to smile and be happy this year, and the year was all entertainment; from the fashion shows to the chilling.

It’s basically service year to thy father land and thy self and the adventures are numerous like me meeting my high school mates in camp, my trips to Port Harcourt, Asaba, Ghana, Calabar, Ekiti, etc; I like travelling a lot and that’s just me trying to discover what the true path to follow is because of my many talents and desire for so many things. It’s the biggest challenge of it all, that is, trying to know where you fit in.

Basically life is an adventure and I have learnt that we should learn before we earn, love and unlove, smile always, because frowning doesn’t change the situation, we should always remember God’s purpose for us in this world, and also, that your beauty can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

We still writing our diaries you know, 2015 still has a few more days to go and it can only get better and I know 2016 would be fantastic.

Keep up, because I know with 2016, there is a lot more to discover and this time I would tell you in details.



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