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My 2015 story – Obiefuna Chioma

I remember sometime in 2014, I was hoping eagerly to see what my 2015 will be like, I prayed and kept my thoughts positive knowing that 2015 was around the corner. Sooner or later I was among those who saw the 2015 in good health, I was really thankful to God for not just making me see 2015 but also my family and loved ones. We all got the chance to celebrate together.

Amazingly, my service year cut through 2015, it wasn’t all rosy but all the same I was thankful. So many things went on in my life, I remember I didn’t really like where I was posted to serve, I always thought that I was going to serve  in an accounting firm or something but I ended up serving at a local government. I accepted it that way but I kept believing that God had a reason for that. During the process of the service year, I acquired skill in making of ankara bags and shoes, you won’t understand what type of joy that gave me because I got to make some money at the side but despite of it all I was eagerly counting down to the end of my service year. Before I knew it October 15th came on and I passed out. I was indeed happy and thankful to God but then again the reality of life dawned on me, which means no more allowee for me. I must say, I enjoyed the bank alerts I usually got every month telling me I had been credited.

Lastly, I felt a little bit excited when my dad told me I was to do my masters, so right now I am pursuing my masters admission but the best part about this 2015 is the fact that I met my man.

Hopefully I am ending 2015 with a bang! My 2016 will be better, am having high hopes that my 2016 will be a mega bang!.


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