Personality Of The Week

Personality of The Week – “The Help Mate”

This week, the woman gracing this category is someone whom I read about and was touched to the bone. Not because it was a story that deserved pity (far from it) but because it is the story of a woman whose character and strength you would hardly find today.


I was today stunned by what I saw in the Lagos metropolis. My secondary school director used to say to us on the assembly that it is more honorable to fail than to cheat. I don’t know if I’m using this in the right context, but all I know for sure is that I was thrilled by what I witnessed.

Let me stop gushing about it, because it might just sound normal to some people. I saw a woman conductor! ! She was working alongside her husband in his commercial bus. That really got to me as I wondered the  synergy between them and how their kids felt and the energy the woman put into the job.

Y’all should know that being a bus conductor for a guy, is like a normal thing, but I must tell you that except for the impudence they show, it’s really not an easy job and they should be given kudos.
Like I was saying, I refuse to mention her name, but she really struck me about the fact that she did her job meticulously, all with smiles. I overheard a fellow driver teasing her on how many turns she had gone that moment and she laughed at him, saying that she had been up since 4 a.m in order to get their kids ready for school and make breakfast,so they all could leave the house at 6:30am for the day’s work to begin.
The driver was flabbergasted . He mentioned how he just woke up at 6:30 and left his house at 7:15 am to start his day. When we got to the park, I lurked around the bus to get the full gist so I can report here.

When they got to the park, the fellow drivers and conductors hailed her and gave her kudos. She told them that she wasn’t with her husband at the job to monitor his infidelity or how much he makes a day , but that she really wanted things to work and make them both reach their peak in life.

She narrated how different boys who had worked with her husband stole from him and caused various arrests by law enforcement officials, which made her business strained as she had to forfeit her profits as remittance for their transport business. She then mentioned that it was the frustration that filled their home that made her join her husband so she could support him, watch his back and share in his gains and sorrow.

She blew their minds when she told them they were moving to their newly completed house on Christmas eve.Damn! I could see flies playing hide and seek with their mouths agape, with mosquitoes even swinging on their hands akimbo. The driver whose teasing brought about this gist suddenly lost appetite for his liquor, and those smoking marijuana made an incinerator out of shame.

Whilst we were in the bus, I could recall that this woman was almost on her knees for a fellow woman because the bus passed her bus-stop by afew meters. I was thrilled even more at how she calculated her money on time and gave everyone’s change without complaints.

I can categorically say she’s a home builder, a mother, a wife, a help mate and a counsellor. Just imagine what advice she’d be giving her husband  and her kids. She showed an esteemed temperance . I just wish even the guys in this line of job can just emulate her person. 
She saw the light at the end of the tunnel, not the darkness in the tunnel. She didn’t complain about the fact that they didn’t even have a torchlight to see through the tunnel either . She just took a leap of faith!

I just imagined how her siblings would feel if they met her by chance at her point of duty , or better still,  her parents?

I am sure you agree with me that she deserves this category and even more!!!
The story was written by Splicit on


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