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Prepare Your Curls For Winter Frost by Victoria H.

Description: Winter is here, so it is high time you took care of your curly hair so it does not suffer this season.

You have changed your clothes and taken your favorite winter boots out. Now it is time to get your hair ready for the harsh months ahead. Our specialists have created a special care program for every curl’s type, for you to be sure in taking the best care of your winter curls.

No matter what hair type you have, the main thing you should do is to choose your basic winter product that will become some kind of base for your general hair care.

Every single curly head, especially dry, damaged, frizzy, needs regular moisturizing and hydration. It is extra important during the first winter month, while the climate is changing and the weather is unstable.

For beautiful owners of whipped curls we advice to use a luxurious nourishing treatment that envelops all curl types in hydrating nutrients to elevate the moisture within the cuticle.

For tight and kinky hair it is necessary to use some foundation, before styling. It is important to prepare your hair and ease using of different gels and creams.

Let’s not forget about our favorite moisturizers – oils! They nourish, strengthen and keep curls hydrated all day long. Choose which fits for you best, it can be coconut, green tea, avocado, jojoba or any other one.


Loose curls are meant for rinse-out conditioners. Spread the product from middle to ends, avoiding roots. That will be enough for your hair type.
You can use the same rinse-out conditioners for classic curls, or stick to live-in conditioners. Apply a little bit of it to the ends before main styling product.

All curls need a good primer at winter. Just apply a small dollop to wet hair, to re-establish your natural curl pattern and to make hair soft and manageable.

Whatever your curl type is and however you style it, dry and damaged curls will never bother you if you use our care tips.

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