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My 2015 Story – Adebimpe (cutepie_brainy)

Truth is I don’t really know where to start… 

My 2015 started with asking God as usual, what He had for me in the new year and though I had an idea, I was to learn during the year that you just gotta learn how to follow God even when you don’t have the full picture, because in the end, it would all make sense.

I completed my 5 months industrial training and was pretty sick for the better part of January, but I came out stronger and better. 
In a wrap, the year was filled a LOT of challenges in many areas (family, school, friendships and even in my responsibilities and relationship with God). Final year was not ‘beans’… boy am I glad I’m done?

I was involved in a lot of activities, from being a national exco in my faculty fellowship, which meant being involved in hosting a national convention for all christian pharmacy students all over Nigeria here in Lagos (this was a first for me), to being an exco in my fellowship in school, of which my post also required equal devotion, to being able to juggle all these with my academics. 

Sometimes I really wonder how I was able to do all these and still finish strong in Pharmacy School… One thing that resounds in my heart as I write this is the fact that…


Back to what God told me at the beginning of the year, he spoke to me about Holiness and Intercession and before you all shrink back at the thought of me being a religious lunatic, let me back up a bit for some people that might not know me so well, God and I go way back, and I’m not one that believes that being a Christian is about certain do’s and dont’s…
I believe in an active relationship with Jesus where both of you really gist and rub minds and just fall in love with each other over and over again. So when God spoke these words to me, I knew it had nothing to do with the length of my skirt, or my hair, I knew it had more to do with my heart. 
I didn’t get the full gist at first but during the year, I learnt that my motives were pretty important, much more than my actions. I learnt and I’m still learning how to let go of things and relationships that do not add value to my life or that cause distractions for me in my Life Walk. I learnt how to have compassion for people by praying more for them than criticizing them for their ugly actions. I learnt how to pray situations I wanted into place rather than just sit wishing for them. I learnt and I’m still learning how to Love both God and people genuinely and unreservedly, not because they deserve it but because that’s how my Father, God, is… He loves the good, bad and ugly people. I’m learning to just take the back seat and allow Jesus take the wheel of my entire life and family especially situations that seem out of my control and I’ve seen him handle them all beautifully. 

I’m hopeful about what the rest of this year and 2016 holds because I know it will turn out beautifully. 

Lest I forget, I am particularly thankful for the indispensable gift of amazing friends; Friends who are there to pray with you, who talk to God about you, who are just there to let you know that they are with you at all times even when you behave your worst. They’re one of my greatest assets and I’m extremely blessed to have pretty amazing ones. 

I have an amazing family too that I can’t trade for anything in the World, not because we have it all together, but because, together, we have it all. (Wait. I think my eyes are getting all sweaty and misty, it must be the weather *sniffs*). 

So here’s to a 2016 of greater adventures in God and with pretty amazing people. As I am now a graduate, “I dey expect plenty favour” as I start out in my profession as a Pharmacist. Anyway, I know who holds my future and I know it will be nothing short of Amazing. 


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