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My 2015 story – Anyaeji Chukwuebuka (Dynamite Designs)

OK, so I had to squeeze time to do this, I am a really busy person, but anything for Blessing (I just love her).

Now 2015 started with me thinking that I would make millions this year and buy a car, build my dream estate and most of all, have my dream start up. Well I am not saying that dream didn’t come to pass, It did…only that as I type I am very tired from the numerous trekking I did throughout the day and the “yeye” conductors that cheated me off my hard earned begged pocket money…and yes it was N20 (better don’t say… just N20).
To say the least, I bought my dream car and dream estate exactly in my dreams.

Nonetheless, 2015 is my best year ever and I would tell you why shortly. I really want to write a long epistle of how my 2015 went, but I more or less would highlight the most points in 2015 and lessons I learnt.

Now beginning of the year, I gave a sacrificial offering to God of my first allowance in the year. In my mind, I was thinking “Yes this is it, Plenty money is coming my way this year”. But God had some juicy plans for me. To say the least, money was very very far from me till the last quarter of the year.

But then, 2015 is still my best year ever because I was healed of certain things.
First, for a very long time now, as far back as my primary school, I have engrossed and soaked myself with the thoughts of getting on the forbes list (Yes, I have known forbes since my primary school, I read wide *winks*). My greatest fear was growing old without achieving much or my peers moving ahead of me. I wanted to be a forward guy and I was doing all I could to get there. I usually got depressed whenever I heard of the success of some of my age mates all over the world.
Then the healing came, and here is how it came. I attended Petra Conference in the first week of October and Pastor Ajani spoke a lot about this topic and made it clear to us that you may NEVER enter the forbes list. That was practical and very frank.
I sat thinking deeply and I discovered that this rich list standard that everyone is trying to get into was created by a man, and his name is JOHN FORBES. So why not I create a standard too rather than seek one created by a man. Then my focus changed and now I say “MY GOAL IS NOT TO GET ON THE FORBES LIST, RATHER I WANT TO DO WHAT FORBES DID, AND THAT IS CREATE A STANDARD”, realize this truth and you are in for a mind renewal positioned towards success.
With this, I stopped comparing myself with others and started working towards being a better me. It wasn’t until this point that I realized how much I had greatly improved in my self over the previous year. As a graphic designer, I discovered I had gotten really good on the job like 4times over the previous year. So I was healed of a wrong mindset.

Secondly, I moved into personal development, improved my network and mixed up with great guys my age group and older doing great stuff. In order words, I kept the right company and I have increased in learning far more than I even thought without reading a single book.

Thirdly, I hardly used to go to church. I go just about ONCE IN TWO MONTHS. But I got entirely healed of that. Right now I have been to church more in 2015 than I was in the entire 2012, 2013 and 2014 combined. And this has improved my relationship with God and with man. I became an executive in my fellowship and my service to God increased and then every other thing started coming…even the money.

Finally, as a medical student, I wrote my most important exam this year, I failed 3 courses out of 5 in the first attempt of my 2nd MB and had to resit them and if I failed any, I would automatically have repeated the year. That was my most tense part of 2015. God helped me again and shocked everyone, I passed them all. The day the results were announced, was happiest day I can remember.

Also, this article would not be complete without mentioning someone special. She stood by me all through the entire period. She made my timetables during my resit and also kept me company, staying with me at the reading room till very late at night, she is my best friend, a great support and an awesome woman. Her name is Anu and I would just stop there for now.


In summary,



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