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My 2015 story – Jeffrey Okolo

After persuasion from Blessing, I finally decided to do this; though it may not be as juicy as you might hope, but it still is my experience.

As a child I was intrigued by how exciting it would be to be a grown up. Little did I know how exhausting it was going to be.
This year for me was basically all about self-development and education.
I was able to start my Masters program after much pressure from family members. The shift from a Private university to a Federal university was quite daunting (call me crazy but jeez what’s the hype about Federal Uni #Unilag?)

Anyways, here I was, starting the year asking God for quite a lot, you know how we do it at Churches; rolling on the floor, packing your blessings, and other dramatic shows of faith.
I have never really been the book type of person but somehow I always seemed to excel (#Proud) Only for me to get into Unilag and be shocked at the educational system there. First week in school, the lecturers are telling me to source for materials, research, research and  I am like when is the teaching going to begin? they are like nuh-uh this is Masters, you teach yourself!
Well I was too lazy to teach myself, so I was watching How To Get Away With Murder and co. So my First test, WOEFUL!!! (infact I am pretty sure that question wasn’t in any textbook), first paper in first exam, not so good. Well! You can imagine how fast I raaaaaan to church to vehemently pray against the forces working against my elusive Distinction testimony. It was at this point I became extremely spiritual tossing aside all my secular music and the likes. Masters wanted to shame me, but I refused to be shamed. I realised that I had to be serious o, this lecturers meant business. “Diaris God o”, I thought Masters was just to come and collect certificate, see me, see trouble, but I was wrong.

Alright we started project and my supervisor took three months before approving chapter TWO!!! I almost died because I had just two weeks to submit completed project and I hadn’t even begun chapter four which is the hard part. To cut it all short, I was able to complete my ENTIRE project in just TWO weeks after sleepless nights (if I can, so can you!!) defended, wrote my final exams and can proudly say I have an MSc though the final result isn’t out but I know my 2015 testimony is perfected.

Oh yeah, I had a little drama on the side, like, going on study leave from my job, meeting some crazy married folks in my class who made this journey fun, among other things I mustn’t mention here hehehee.. I thank God for friends and family who were with me through my journey cos I couldnt have done done it alone.

Let me drop this here, so I have had a feel of both private and federal universities, and I still cant see what the drama is all about. You can succeed anywhere, it just depends on you.

So, I am looking forward to a better 2016 and I hope someone can key into my little testimony and find what works for them while seeking God always.


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