General Issues · Poetry

God’s Got You

A shadow of yourself,
That’s what you are now,
You used to care so much,
Even about the littlest things that could touch,
But now you really can’t be bothered about such,
Don’t tell me you suddenly grew up,
‘Cos I know,
You allowed life steal your laughter,
And now,
Gradually, Slowly,
You are slipping into an abyss,
Retreating into a shell,
Just because you fell?
That shouldn’t be,

Remind yourself,
Joseph was always going to be a governor,
But he first had to be thrown into a pit,
And sold into slavery,
Daniel was always going to consult for a king,
But he first had to spend the night with lions,
Esther was always going to be a queen,
But she first had to be kidnapped,
And imprisoned for an entire year,
Within castle walls,
All in preparation for her presentation,
To King Xerxes,
Abraham the father of nations,
First had to spend almost a century childless,
So what exactly are you going through?
Don’t let anything steal your smile,
‘Cos even though you know not what the future holds,
You know who holds the future.
And He’s got you!!!



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