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My 2015 Story – Kelechi A.

My name is Kelechi Anabaraonye, tales teller, history and African traditional religions aficionado, lover of masks, masquerades and figures.

The year 2015 was basically one of the toughest years in my life. It was literally a battlefield, filled with so much ups and downs. It taught me a lot to be honest, I learnt so much from humans, so many life lessons. It taught me also to forever be independent and care for myself before anyone else. It’s life we all go through this.
I enjoyed it on the other hand, thanks to my village trip after having not been there for 3 years and missed my grandpa, ocwonder senior. We’ve reunited after a fictitious war haha.

2015 is a year I would never in my life forget, thanks to all the lessons I learnt, all the humans that showed their real selves and to the most important thing in my life and for the year; reuniting with my maternal grandpa and going on my South East tour meeting masquerades from here and there, colonial buildings all around.

Can’t wait for 2016 🙅🏾

With love, Kelechi Anabaraonye alias Eze Mmuo [oc wonder]


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