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My 2015 Story – Oyindamola Oladimeji

Let me start by first saying, I was taken by surprise when Blessing asked if I could write my own story about my 2015. First thought that came to my mind was “what’s so special about me or my 2015 that anyone would like to know?” In any case I decided to just write something.

My name is Oladimeji Oyindamola and here is the story about my 2015.

On 31st of December 2014, I was happy but I wasn’t a totally happy person, I still went to church (call me crazy but i’m one of those people that believe in their God so much). Anyway on getting to church, I asked for several things which included my finance, my academics (because it was in a mess), and my family. I came back and life continued in general.

I was sad for the most part of d first two months because I wanted to be with my mates (I had just repeated a year in school), so it wasn’t exactly easy coping with a new class. After my birthday (i’m pisces), God gave me the strength to  decide to put the pieces of my life together.
I spoke to him about some of those stuffs I mentioned earlier and asked that he help me, then I started doing my own part.

That same month, I got to church and we were being thought how to start our own business. I had always wanted to start my own business since 2012, but I just never had the courage, the support, and the finance too. As I listened to the series of teachings for that month, I spoke to God that he should help me do this. He should give me an opportunity to make that dream come to pass.
I read my books like never before, sought help where I needed help, and started getting information about how I could start my own business.
I wanted to make my parents proud, so getting good grades was the utmost thing on my mind.
If you are a medical student, you’ll know the exams are not exactly easy.
Let me try explaining a bit- You see, the dental and medical students only write their exams once a year, which means they are taught for a whole year (not a 3months semester like the regular courses o, the whole year!!!! Like 12months, though, as the level increases the duration of the session changes, then you are now asked to write an exam about everything you’ve learnt in that period), so you see it’s not exactly easy.
I ws really scared when I wanted to rewrite the exam, I mean, what if I failed!!!! But you know when God’s just there for you all through. Mehn, I experienced grace!!!! It’s not exactly that I over read, but God showed up all through the exams for me and I didn’t have to cheat….

I wrote my exams and went home… mind you, I was still looking for an opportunity to start my own business. I’d always loved make-up . I was good with people’s faces and knew the right things to use, and even when my friends had occasions, they would come beg me, to make them up. They were always like, “Oyinda go and learn this, you’re good at it”.
Of course, I never told anyone that I secretly wished I had better training at it, to make me better, but I just kept hoping and praying that an opportunity would arise soonest.

As I waited for the result of my exams, God answered my prayers, I heard a make-up studio was giving discounts on their learning process. I was super excited because I didn’t have enough money to pay the regular amount (my parents were the ‘face your studies’ kind of parents).
Anyway I seized the opportunity and I went to learn there. I was still waiting for my result and was super scared but kept praying. Then I heard the result was going to be out on a particular day so I went to school to check if it was true or not. I waited all through the day, no result o, only for me to be on my way home and someone called that the result was out. I panicked, I almost had a heart attack!!!!!! I wasn’t in school anymore so I couldn’t check so I just begged someone else to help me check .
I passed in flying colours!!!!!!
I was so excited and grateful to God at the same time because I had not failed an exam in my entire life so failing the first one was devastating for me.

So, while I waited for us to resume, I took the opportunity I had to perfect my skills in the art of makeup. After learning, the problem was how to get the tools I needed for my trade. You know who I always run to na ;)😜, as usual I went straight to God, because I knew he was the only one that could help me, he’d done it before. After praying, help came!!!!! I was able to convince some people to believe in me and invest in my business.
And so the journey of ChristyEvansMakeovers started.

I didn’t have it easy at all because first, I had to make people believe I had talent and I could make them look gorgeous. Then there was the other aspect of make-up artists seeing you as another competition!!! Mehn!!!! It’s been a long journey.

I entered for a major make-up competition for the first time and I got in!!!!
Imagine me a novice, a newbie in the business. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, because, I entered late, I really didn’t even think I could get in but I did. Even though I didn’t win, it gave me exposure. I was able to get people to see what I could do, trust and believe in me more.

I thank God for the journey so far, I  couldn’t have survived this year but for him and support from family and friends.

I’m in a new class now, it’s way harder than the last class, everyday is challenging, especially since I have to combine not only studies now but my business as well, but I know God’s got my back, i’m hopeful about the future.

On December 31st 2015, I would be introducing myself as Oladimeji Oyindamola, a lover of God, a medical student and CEO of ChristyEvansMakeovers. I want to use this opportunity to thank my family especially my sister (i love you girl), my friends who supported and helped me throughout my trying period (you guys are the best), and to the new friends i’m acquiring now- our friendship would grow and get better.

Each day that comes, comes with it’s own challenges, i’m still growing and learning as each day passes. I am not so moved when I face challenges anymore, because Jesus has got my back. To everyone out there who might be facing a particular situation believe in yourself, believe in God and he’ll help you.

Thank you Blessing for giving me the opportunity to share my story
My name is Oyindamola and this is how my 2015 went down!!!!!


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