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My 2015 Story- Penzaar

2015 for me was a very challenging year, I had to go through a lot of self discovery because I was trying to get on my feet, get new business connections. I had left paid employment in 2014 and when I was leaving, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do. My brand had always been well known so I decided to dwell on that.

This year, I explored my many talents (yeah, I am an octopus), I joined Thespian Family (a stage drama group) and acted for a while, I had always heard about them so this year I decided to join them. Though, with time, you just have to narrow down on what you do and focus more on your brand.
Like I said before the challenges this year were enormous and it was more of getting to know my path, I worked with so many brands both directly and indirectly, I did a lot of PR, social media management, in fact this year was like 5 years in one because of the amount of work I took on. As regards my performance this year, I would say just slightly above average because I had a lot planned out for this year but then, we can only make plans, and leave everything in the hands of God.

Next year is by God’s grace, going to be a very busy year, I going to be learning more, focusing more on grooming my skills, and I would be diving more into digital marketing and PR which would involve a lot of constant self improvement so you can be rest assured this coming year is going to be very busy and I am really hoping for the best.


2 thoughts on “My 2015 Story- Penzaar

  1. Yyyyooo!!! Penzaar for the friGGing win Yo! Now this is one young man that inspires me on a steady.. Weldone Sir.. GOD make you Bigger Oga Boss..

    Thanks for sharing Blessing of laiffe! This was quite an insightful read.. as untill we let go opf the shores.. we will never know how far we can truly sail… Thanks for coming over to the Young and Confused Blog as well Baby mi… **Shines teeth.

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