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My 2015 Story – Bola Aruleba

*wide smile*

It was a great year for me. It really was. As always the beginning of the year met me in church, waiting for what God had to say to me concerning the year, which was my year of triumph. That meant that regardless of whatever situation I found myself in, I was going to come out triumphant. And that was just how it went down this 2015.

I cannot start to mention all of the beautifuls of 2015, so I will just highlight some. But just before I do that, I have to acknowledge the people that made it awesome.

·         First I thank God for my salvation and the beautiful privilege to fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Life is most beautiful for this singular reason.

·         I am also grateful for my man of God and the many teachers that He blessed me with. Trust me, there is nothing as great as always knowing what to do in every situation because you have been well taught.

·         Sweeter is your life when you have the most beautiful people in the world to call brethren. Ever full of love, inspiring and make you laugh. I love them so much.

·         There are some people you meet in life for a reason, and some for a season. My friends were God sent. Such lovely people who touched my life in a special way.

·         And then to the best family in the world…. ma famile. So supportive in every way (trust me when I say every way). You guys rock!

Now, back to my highlights. God gave me the opportunity to make more impact in my life than other years before. Thinking about it makes my heart want to explode with gratitude.

Was it the Secondary School Outreach where over 200 students were impacted? Or the Hospital Outreaches where the smiles put on their faces were so priceless? Or the opportunities to travel outside the country to be a blessing to God’s people? Or the beautiful people I met this year that became family? Or my travelling to 5 different states of the country and the great people I met there? Was it the children that laughed for joy at the Christmas party we had at a Paediatric Oncology Ward? Was it what I was able to put into the move of the gospel? Was it the great foods I tried for the first time this year?*wide smile*

Did I also mention that I graduated from med school this year? So I am a doctor *big smile*. Yes, that means I wrote final year professional exams which was God’s grace all the way.

Now I am sure someone is wondering if I had challenges at all. Well I did have my share of them, but what is life without challenges? Imagine a school without promotional exams. I have learnt over the years that challenges are not there to kill you, but to make you stronger. They are bread that you should chew on. I for one wouldn’t have had the chance to do most of what I did, if I got my housemanship placement immediately. So instead of crying and dwelling on it, I saw my opportunities in the challenge. There were others as well, but they didn’t stop me. And it all worked for my good.

I am so expectant for the year 2016, because I can smell it is even more awesome than 2015. 

Thank you Blessing for featuring me. I wish us all a fruitful 2016!

Aruleba Adebolarin


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