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My 2015 Story- Ife O.

2015 was a very strange year for me because of its ups and downs. Though it was definitely better than the worst year of my life; which was 2014. I started by changing my environment, and some people around me. It wasn’t a new year resolution I planned, it just happened that way.

Below is an extract from my note that sums up how I felt during the first couple of months.

“I swear it was all the same. It never changed. I tried and tried but it never happened. I thought it was the place. The sanctuary to lift up my spirit. The place that was home away from home. I thought I would leave and it will change. I left but it did not. I see the same person that is hurting and tired, and is looking for ways to reach out. Depression is darkness and the mind is trapped in this infinite fall of nothingness. It is sad. Such a sad life.”

Okay, maybe that was a bit too dramatic at that time but all the same, I’m glad at how the year turned out. I took consecutive letters of rejection very well this year. I was impressed with how well I dealt with failure this year as opposed to the year before. The last quarter of the year was so busy for me. It was challenging and intense, but I scaled through those moments by God’s grace.

A big positive this year was that I learnt life lessons that will definitely help in my self development. Do I have the same things I may have had at the start of the year? Yes. But 2015 helped build upon those things in a little way.

There are many things that I’m appreciative and thankful for in the year 2015 and I am hopeful for an interesting and favourable year of 2016.


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