Not That Girl…

She is not the girl you used to know,

That girl who wasn’t sure what path to tow,

That girl who cried all night,

Because you said being a virgin wasn’t all right,

And because she wasn’t sure she was ever going to be good enough,

She used to try so hard to impress,


They don’t really matter anymore to her…

Now stronger are her convictions,

And she WONT settle for less…

Because she knows,

There is a high level of love and respect,

A man would have for her,

Without lifting her skirt,

And that is what she wants,

Yes, she now knows what she wants,

And she knows,

That if he isn’t disciplined enough to wait,

He ISNT worth her time,

And don’t say she can’t find such a man,

Because she knows he exists,

She has seen for herself!


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