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Tales of Kome (9)

Tunde got back from work that evening late as usual, he was quite happy today and I was sure it was something to do with work. I served dinner while he was freshening up. The children were in their room sleeping.

“Honey” I called out, “dinner is served”.

“Okay I would be there in a bit.” he said.

I left the dining table where I was waiting for him to the sitting room so I could clear my head. I was going to tell him about the decision to start my Master’s program and I knew it was going to be one hell of an evening with me explaing and explaining and him not seeing reason, to be very honest, I was not anticipating it at all. I had already had my bath that evening and was planning on going to bed immediately after the “argument”.

Tunde came out of the bathroom putting on a white “jalamia” and his white palm slip-ons. I just couldn’t stop staring at him. Even after all these years I still found him very attractive. His lean body, broad shoulders, chiseled face and his eyes that had this innocent streak to it. Tunde was beautiful to me in every way.

Just then, I caught myself, I was meant to be planning our argument and not lusting after him. But then, I just couldn’t help it. I watched him move over to the dining table and just then, he looked at me and as if he had a second thought, he started to walk over.

“Oh no” I said to myself.

“Oh Lord, let him just say what he wants to and go back to his dinner” I prayed silently.

He got to the couch where I was half-seated, half-lying down, and he leaned over, he held my hand and dragged me up. I didn’t want to stand up so at first I held back my hand but his grip was firm and so he succeeded in pulling me up.

He stroked my face and as I made to sound a protest he put his hand on my lips and said…

“I have missed you and I am really sorry about the other day” and slowly he kissed me. Heaven was right there in the sitting room, I thought to myself.

And then he stopped after a while to catch his breath.

“Tunde, your food” I said, trying to pass time.

“That can wait” he started “I want you right now” he said brushing his lips once again against mine.

Just then I was brought back to reality by the door bell. As I struggled to stand up, I checked the time, it was past five. I had slept off on the couch in the sitting room.

“So it was just a dream” I said to myself “I should have known, Tunde doesn’t have a white jalamia”

I hissed in anger and went over to the door. The knocks had gotten persistent. I honestly wished that dream had continued.

“Who could it be now?” I asked myself.

“Oh my…” I said as it hit me. It was past five. The school bus must have dropped my kids already, they must have been knocking for a very very long time. I opened the door to see a teary eyed Fred with little Desmond. He had wiped his tears but I could tell that he had been crying for a long time.

“Fred why were you crying?” I asked feeling guilty that he may have been crying because I didn’t open the door on time.

He gave no reply and only shook his head.

“Desmond what happened at school?” I asked again. This time, I was very worried.

He was the little one but surely he might have an idea about what happened.

“I don’t know” He answered.

“Is it because mummy did not come to open the door on time?” I asked.

Fred shook his head again.

“Or was it on the school bus?” This time, I directed the question at no one in particular.

I realized we were all still standing outside and so I left the way so they could go inside while I watched Fred’s gait to see if he had a broken leg or hand or something I could attribute to the tears. I found no clue.

Desmond was 5, and Fredrick, 7. And they were quite close even if they weren’t in the same class, so I didn’t understand why Desmond would not have any clue as to what happened to his brother.

I went in with them and closed the door after me. I had to get to the bottom of this. Fredrick was a happy boy and rarely cried.

I had not cooked anything for them to eat because I had slept off in the early afternoon. I quickly prepared noodles and served them so they could eat while they waited for dinner.

Later that evening after they had dinner, I called Fred to my room. I needed to know what exactly had happened to make him cry.

“Fred, sit down” I said immediately he got to my room.

“What happened in school today?” I asked “or don’t you want us to talk about it?”

He was quiet for a while and then he started to speak.

“Mr. Emmanuel flogged me at my back” he said.

My hand instinctively went to his back and he flinched.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“I did not pass my mid-term test.” He answered. I was furious.

“That is so wrong” I said to myself.

“Let me see” I said to him.

I pulled off his shirt to examine his back, afraid at the same time of what I might see…

To be continued…

Hello readers, I am sorry about the long break with Tales of Kome… It would be more consitent now. Thank you all for the constant email reminders and mentions on twitter.



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