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FASHION AND STYLE 101: Your Style And You – Elsie Ogianyo

Hi guys! So this is first of the fashion and style series on the blog! Whoop Whoopヽ(゚∀゚)ノ! , but posts on this will only come up once a week, so I hope you stay tuned ^^)/


So this post is basically about basic tips and ideas, not just basic, but extremely important things you should know as an ‘upcoming’ fashionista or if you are just looking to look good all the time. I’ll be outlining a few tips, I hope you find them helpful.


1) Complement your body figure:

I would say this should be one of first things you should bear in mind, because of course, you should know your dress size. Pick what fits or at least what flatters your figure, it doesn’t have to be skin tight, but make sure it complements your figure.

2) Wear the right colors:

First of all,,I must say that this being the age of color block, does not give you the right to start a color war with your outfit -__- …if you want to always wear colors that blend, and you are not sure which colors go together, you can always check out the color wheel, or if you know the basic blending of primary and secondary colors you are good to go…if you don’t really want to go all way in color blocking, you can always play safe and stick with the basic color match you already know.

3)Define your personal style:

This is very important, because like Edna Woolman Chase rightly said, ‘fashion can be bought, but style one must possess’… so find out how you want your style to be defined and stick to it, for me, style is more of a personal thing, the single reason being that our tastes vary from one individual to the other, someone else’s style may not work for you. Basically, you want to have a style-it  trademark.


4)Build a solid wardrobe foundation:

By this I mean, have clothes and have some more clothes and then shoes to go with them( ^_^)/..oh and before you go “buy clothes and shoes, with which money?” all honesty, you don’t need to be rich before you dress well, even with a little amount, you can begin to build your wardrobe, there are some great stores that sell clothes at affordable prices, and you can always be on the lookout for the period of sales. I can tell you that some of the very nice outfits I have, came at unbelievably affordable prices


Yep! I am referring to shoes and bags mostly. It is very important to always have basic colours at  least, fail safe so to speak. Cool shoes, I mean really cool shoes and classy bags are very very important..also get some interesting jewelry, you’d be surprised how the smallest piece of jewelry can spice up your look.


These are really just few tips, there are other tips and important information to know and keep in mind, which I’ll try my best to put out, from time to time.

In conclusion, when finding your style and upgrading your ‘fashionista game’, always remember to look for what works best for you, what you are comfortable in, and what will make you stand out and lastly, look your best ALL the time! YES!!! All the time!!!

Till next week guys, Ciao!¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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