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Guilty Pleasures – Sharon Okhai

Hi guys.
This is my first write up on The Connect. I hope you enjoy!!!

Happiness virtually consists of living each day as if it is the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation – Leo Tolstoy.

For as long as I can remember, I have had an unlimited list of guilty pleasures.

Guilty pleasures are those things we shouldn’t like, but we like anyway. If we like something, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it right?

I am counting down my top ten guilty pleasures…we all do have, one way or the other.

10. Singing To Myself(when no one is home):

I wouldn’t be the first to admit this and sure wouldn’t be the last. I have actually won a lotta grammy awards cause every single parody I did in my bathroom  from the cover of Beyonce’s 7/11 to Sia’s Chandelier was a hit back to back. For real guys!

9. Addict Late Comer:

Even when I have a meeting scheduled with Calven Klein for 2:00pm, I probably would get into the shower by 1:30..when I wasn’t actually doing anything prior to that time!…it’s just a habit and a real bad one. I end up rushing making me feel like am the busiest person in the whole world…you know that…And funny thing is I always have a good excuse for every late coming incident.

8.Stepping Out With My Hiar-net:

My sis has told me countless times that you dont know who you’ll meet out there.Tbh? She’s totally right but do I listen? No. Whenever I have a quick place to go to, I like dressing casual but nice,  but thing is I never take off my hair net. Don’t get all preachy  on me. I am just too busy to style my hair out..that’s what I tell people. Guess what? I am just too lazy to get my hair out of the net so I pretend to myself and every other person that am busy. I hope you dont do same too. Fact? It’s so not cool.

7. I am Just A Coward Admitting My Fav Boy Band:

We are in the 21st century..and we teenagers are so into music, competing to know what’s current on the billboard chart, i’m like that too. Currently we are all crazy about boy bands like ‘One direction’…By d way Harry styles of 1D is following me on Twitter…yeaa…Had to let that out. Anyways my favourite boy band from so so many years back is Westlife! I still listen to their songs sometimes and cry..awwn..but they seem so outdated now that everyone wants to be associated with someone recent. So I jst chicken out on saying they are still my favz but I am letting it out now.

6. Procrastinating:

I procrastinate alot! For example whenever I had an exam to write i’d lay out all my books on my reading table telling myself I’d get around to them, I almost never do, but amazingly I always pass! I guess thats why am a bad ass when it comes to procrastinating Cause I always get around to doing them at the nick of time. But as we grow older we should learn how to set our priorities right…lol…I should remember to tell myself that.

5. My Disney Crush:

When I mean disney I mean those kinda crush that we know would never happen. C’mon let’s give ourselves some credit. From the music guys like Chris Brown to actors like Brad Pitt to footballers like Neymar and the list goes on. I have had an endless list of crushes but the most consistent is Bruno mars. Every friggin person I have come across knows that. I told my friend I was gonna get married to Bruno mars but that’s why I call it disney crush…dreams come true. Ok that’s enough back to reality.

4. Mirror Mirror On The Wall:

Now this is the embarrassing one. I look in the mirror a whole lot..damn! Nothing goes by my face without me noticing. My dad actually caught me looking at myself in the mirror one day for a long time and asked if I was okay…like he asked with a very straight face..I was flustered. It dawned in me that maybe it was just getting too much. I cut down on it a little bit. But hey, let’s tell ourselves the truth sometimes.

3. I Almost Never Pick My Calls On The First Dial:

This used to be a habit, I have cut down on it. I almost never pick my call on the first dial but almost immediately I’d text back saying I’m busy..Well I am not. Ouch. I have never really told anyone so they wouldn’t hold me against my word. But hey, I’ve changed.

2. I Am A Huge Critic:

From the books I read to the movies I watch to the songs I listen to and celebrities. 80% of the time you gotta check out yourself cause most of the time I blab alot and beneath those blabbing are some piece of truth and the remaining 30% is just because I secretly like you. Yessss. I used to be a die hard critic of the popular show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’..cause I secretly love them, right now I am just a die hard lover of the show.

1.Talking To Myself:

I have the best write ups when I Talk to myself. Rule 1: Never let anybody catch you talking to yourself.
When I have these wonderful idea that pops into my head..I begin talking to myself and everything flows. I have to admit I have been caught talking to myself before. NewsFlash- it’s downright embarrassing.

So those are my ten guilty pleasures. I am sure 5 out of ten from my list is familiar to you. You do the same thing too? Yes?..No?…Anywhich way we all got some.

Thanks for reading through my first article on ™The Connect.


10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures – Sharon Okhai

  1. tis such an amazing write up. regretting I’m reading it late even after I promised to check it out, s/o to my Bestie tho we haven’t been getting along well recently but I still love you. Adekunle


  2. tis a nice write up yeah, regetting I’m reading it now even after I promised to check it out, that my Bestie yea .. s/o to Sharon keep it up


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