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Fretful First Dates? – We Gotcha!  (What to wear on a first date) by Elsie Ogianyo

So you have just landed you a hot date (or not, LOL), either ways, we all know that a first date is usually what it is…a first! And you know what they say about first impressions, it matters, A LOT!
So yeah, you might want to think about making a very good first impression, and of course you are thinking, “what do I wear?”
You don’t want to be too dressy, but you don’t want to appear too casual either, also you want to make a statement yeah?



Fashionably Casual.
If your first date is to the movies, I’d stick to jeans on statement tees or just about any comfortable top.



Skirts and a top:

You don’t want something too short, something classy would serve. Be it a flared skirt or a body con skirt, make sure you are comfortable.



Baggy pants:

This is something not commonly worn on a first date, but trust me, as unconventional as it may seem for a first date, it is an absolute yes.


Body con or shirt dress:

I think these are easy picks, and a must have for every lady. For a first date, either of these two would go perfectly, most especially the body con dress which you can wear to either a formal or informal date.



The jumpsuit:

I’m calling it “the jumpsuit” because, I think a jumpsuit might just be a life saver, I mean just in case the venue for the date is still undecided or something unexpected happens and instead of a dinner for two, it turns out you are headed for a concert after all, urrghh! -_-  Yeah, jumpsuits are made for that!


Bear in mind that on a first date, you really want to avoid something skimpy, the key words are sexy and classy, so whatever you choose to wear, make sure you exude confidence with just the right amount of mystery!!! *winks*


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