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All Night Long: 5 Secrets To Perfect Holiday Curls by Victoria H.

Description: Create a wonderful curls that will last all night long without any efforts.

It is high time you started to think about your hairstyle for these charming hours. Every woman dreams to have perfect winter curls, which will underline her personality. Check out our five easy steps which will help you to look gorgeous this winter.

Identify your curl:

It is very important to know what type of curls exactly, you have. After this it would be easier to find the right foundation for your hairstyle that will guarantee you a long lasting effect. You can have Loose, Classic, Tight or Kinky curls. Every single type has its own peculiarities.

Start with foundation:

After defining your curl type, apply the foundation that fits better to your hair. It will serve as a base for your holiday look. Moisture your hair with a conditioner and then nourish it with some mask or cream. These procedures will be the best starting point for your hairdo.

To crown it all:

Finishing products are of as much importance as starting ones. All kinds of fixating sprays envelop curls with flexible resins that bend and move. They also maintain the hair structure and prevent frizzing.

Refresh them all:

Use your favorite oil to refresh your hair. Oils fit for every hair type and they nourish and strengthen hair from within, encouraging optimal curl formation and styling it, without surface residue or weight.

The second day:

Let`s talk about really looong lasting effect. Styling your hair the second day also requires moistening and conditioning. Hair that’s no longer squeaky clean has less slip and better hold than freshly washed curls, so try washing your locks the day before your big night out.

Use our tips and love your hair.

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