Moments With Shan

Sandra’s Ex’s by Sharon Ohkai

Holla! has been your week from tuesday last week to tuesday this week? If you actually notice, that’s when my article runs on the blog.

Summing up my week in total, it’s been eventful. A lot happened for me within the last seven days. Most of all I spent the better part of my week with my cousin who just got into Lagos after her graduation…it’s almost a year we last saw.

Let me tell you a little about what spiced up my week.

Ever had boyfriends with names ranging from A down to the last letter of the alphabet Z? No?
Well, meet my cousin – Sandra. Now this is the real deal, names listed here are actually the real names because my write-ups aren’t fictional. I basically get to keep you updated about me. I’m real and so are my write ups on here with #MomentsWithShan.

As much as I tried to get this short by cutting out most things, I couldn’t just help it’s being so long.
Come on, we’re talking about guys here…the story goes on and on. It never ends (*or thinks aloud* maybe this one has an end).
And for y’all thinking:
“is it right and cool to put this stuff about her cousin on the blog?” Yes!!!. You are taking a sneak peek into everything about what I am ever up to and by the way I actually got to the point of even interviewing Yes! She enjoyed letting it out just as much as I enjoyed writing it up just for you guys.

She let it all out, everything on guys she has ever had something to do with before, with names all the way from A to Z. It’s a long list I tell you, we are going to stop at the letter ‘F’ and continue from there next week.

So this is what she “gisted” me about;
All types of dudes…tall…short…handsome…”ugleee”…and the likes…there is a story for each, a weird, funny or interesting story to tell about them. So, let’s push!

N.B:(She gave me more than one name for some particular alphabets).
Lets talk about Abraham..who’s also called Alpha B. His stage name she says (I took a laugh at that tho). Okay, so Alpha B resides in delta…makes me wonder how my cousin got to meet him because she doesn’t stay in Delta State. He is into music and also…hehehe…works in an oil and gas company (I must add here…according to her), I guess white collar jobs weren’t just made for some people like Alpha B who decided to go into music. He knows how to spend MONEY according to my cousin, he spends money on parties, outings and all the other stuff, but nothing close to giving out his money in cash…”stingy dude” she says. That’s the basic reason they aren’t together anymore.

P.S: Mind you most of this guys are Ex’s.

B- Brownie:
“Not handsome, short and skinny”..Ouch.. Got me wondering what she ever had to do with him. Brownie those are not my words they are Sandra’s. Funny enough according to her they were together for long…Wow.
With so much “attributes” coming from her? Girls…your never gonna understand them!

C- CHARLES/CHRIS/COLLINS: Hehe…well we got more than one name here.
Let’s start with Charles: He’s tall, handsome and yes…Tall.
Sandra is just a few inches down Average height. She wears heels a lot but she said “even with heels, I can’t still scale through when I stand beside just wasn’t cool for me” she says. And boom!..she made an exit out of the relationship. Why? Height issues. Lol..There’s nothing new under the sun!

Chris: A business guy, also a lawyer. A very busy dude in the chambers. Nothing really about Chris…According to her, he spent his time and attention on his work way too much.

P.S: Girls love the attention guys.

COLIINS: Know what she said guys?? ”Collins?! Collins is a stupid boy, everything about him is stupid, Money aspect, stupid, walking steps, stupid, talking manners, stupid..He’s just so stupid” My cousin said this with so much energy!..I had to laugh. Oh Collins what did you ever do to her to deserve this. Never met you, but I feel for you already. If you knew everything about him was so ‘Stupid’..then why??? Let me stop there.

First guy she had feelings for though not the first she dated”. Got respect for her and err..spends alot..yippe..I always like that part. Height? Moderately tall, at least his height wasn’t as intimidating as that of Charles. ”The Best Ever”..she says…Awwn…Hey Desmond if you actually get to read this, you got the highest ratings so far.

E- E.J:
A friend that tried to get out of the friend zone. E.J that’s why it’s called a friend zone. Don’t try to get out, get comfortable in it. After a little fling they both found out, it was best being friends so they went back to being friends. Good friends though, till date.

Met while in the university, first year or so.Tall, doesn’t ever spend. “All he wanna do is the backside, trust me, I am not in for that” in her words. And it was bye-bye to Frank in no time.

Hold up!…You like gist though…I am stopping here at Alphabet F for this week.
Catch up with the remaining ‘Boyfriend Alphabets’ next week tuesday.
And heyy…I know this post is going to cause a lot of controversy..sure we are all opinionated.
Drop your comments, let’s interact!


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