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Woman Or Woeman by Elsie Ogianyo

Hi guys!

So today’s article is something different from my other articles, but it is very important because I’m just really going to be unburdening my mind, and talking about a lot of issues as it concerns the 21st century woman.


First I’ll be asking the question, woman or woeman…which are you?

I’ll be defining each of those terms as they pertain to this article generally, and the point I’m trying to pass across.

Woman: A strong, independent, classy lady with values, morals, dignity and a fine understanding of who she is.

Woeman: Basically everything a woman isn’t! Has no sense of self-worth, has the “it’s my life and I can carry on as I wish” mentality.

Having defined both of them, let’s talk extensively on them.

First, I would say that sadly, there are lot of women/ladies in this present age who fall under the woeman category, and hence give a bad name to all good women out there.
I look around and I see a lot of wrong that is practised so often, that a lot of people have lost the idea of what the right thing should be.
Ladies of today in an attempt to go with the flow of a warped societal cliche, compromise to the point of confusion. They lose their true identity and become “woeman”, an epitome of everything that shouldn’t be.

Everything from way of dressing to attitude to relationships, to manner of speech to gender roles, the list is unending. It leaves so much to be desired.

“What happened to the days where the lady was able to look beyond outward appearances and focus on the reality of the inner nature of a person? Where even a man could be refined by the nature of the gentle beauty of a lady’s goodness?”
– Maria Golden

These days, that one is “story for the gods”.
Tell that to an average young woeman and you better be ready for the dirty looks she gives you. “Use what you have to get what you want” she tells you and if that will involve sex, no problem, she’s not hesitant.
For the woeman, she is more focused on the societal outlook, on being the “creme de LA creme”.

What has gone wrong?
We are living in a world of science and technology and as such there are evolving ideas on what is regarded as ideal.
We have lost our understanding of what is truly moral. I mean in a world where someone can just wake up and decide to switch genders? Anything below that is mere child’s play.
In a world where nobody even regards premarital sex as wrong, and cheating among spouses is now common place, it’s easy to be shaped by these ideas and turn towards the woeman path, where the matter of feminism thrives. A world that gives God second place or even no place at all.

We are fast losing our identity and dignity as women, we have forgotten what it means to be a standard of all things dignified, all things virtuous and worthy of commendation. I look around and see people, women, ladies, not struggling to stand out, but trying to fit in.

Be the woman you want your daughter to be when she’s of age, the Proverbs 31 woman…

Woman not Woeman!


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