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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Curly Hair May Be Dry- Viki Howell

If you are sick and tired of dry and tangled hair, this article would help solve this problem.



One of the biggest problems of “curly headed” girls is dry hair. “What product should I use to make my hair soft and beautiful?” This question bothers each of us at least once a week. It is time to answer this question once and for all.

Girls with natural hair should follow for these three vital advice, and dry hair would become a thing of the past.

1. Do not ignore deep treating:

If you think that your hair can live without deep conditioning, you are so wrong. It is silly to think that some deep treating can damage your hair, instead of helping it. Going for such treatments would refresh your hair and stimulate natural moistening processes on the inside. It would also help improve elasticity and overall health of your scalp and locks. When it comes to frequency and type of conditioners, it is completely up to you to decide what to choose. You can deep condition once in a ten-fifteen day average.

So girl, if you have such problems as dry hair, and still don’t deep conditioning, you should start immediately!

2. Pay attention to your ends:

If you want to find out how healthy your hair is, look at your ends. They are considered to be the oldest part of your hair, hence, they reflect the general situation with your hair.
If your ends are dry, it could mean that you are not moisturizing enough, and it could also mean that it is time for a trim.

Do not be afraid to make regular trims, even if you want to grow out a long hair. Your hair will look healthier and more beautiful if you cut it in time. You can visit your barber about once in three months if you want to keep your hair in shape, or even less often. Pay more attention to your ends and you would have less problems with hair.

3. Consider your environment:

If you hair is regularly exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures, it means that you need to take even more care of your hair. Moisturizing your hair properly, with deep conditioning can make a huge difference in how dry your hair is.

Love your hair and use these tips, because your hair is definitely worth it.

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