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Sandra’s Ex (2) by Sharon Okhai

Hi there, I actually cannot believe it’s already been a week.

A lot’s been happening for me, which I really would have loved to share with you guys,  but for the fact that we haven’t finished this article which we started last week.
By the way, how was your week? I am not going to go with the cliche “My week was FINE” because mine ended up not so great..hope yours was better?

If you missed out on last week’s article (Hey! Go read it up!), let me wrap it up quickly for you.

I let it out about my cousin’s weird and funny relationship status, Sandra..we call her Shandy though. You know guys like to think they are best at the game of dating ALOT of girls and they actually do pride themselves on it. Sandra made us know that she got a list of them guys she’s dealt with A to Z..Yes!!!

We stopped at F last week, so let’s get right into G straight down to Z.

G: Gabby
Caring, loving, brother, friend and err..a lover.. is this what I get to call “FriendsWithBenefits”? What’s your say about a brother who’s a lover..Let’s move on!

H: Henry

“I thought it was going to lead to something good..Mtcheew”… should have heard her hiss. According to her, he is a slut and nothing but a fool, a womanizer and a deceiver( is it just me or do I perceive anger?). That deserved a “Wow”. Hold on, I am not done. She also said he had nothing to offer, he was proud, and there was nothing good to describe him with. Though she said he’s a guy every lady in the hostel wanted to have something with. In all he’s an every ladies guy, but also a good for nothing. Let’s say she went for him because he was cute because with all she said? It got me wondering. Remember Collins from last week’s article? Yeah..Henry..Collins..Birds of the same feathers!


They met at a wedding two years back. He’s kind of out of the age range of the other guys, the oldest, I may say.
He said he wanted to settle down but checking it out, he was not exactly ready and she didn’t have time for that. He worked with a communications company though. You know that network that *chops* your money crazy! and they be like “everywhere you go”? Lol! Yep!
And if I may add though, I guess age doesn’t always mean maturity then. He still wanted to flex at that matured old age..Ewww!


Same department in school, nothing to offer too (this has become a reccurring attribute). She doesn’t even know his house and they dated for four good years, she said “well, it wasn’t serious”(*to myself* oh wow!). You know those boyfriends they call “Away”, not online, not offline. He was a popular dude in school. She liked the attention, but was never interested (i’m confused, but let’s move on!).


First guy she met in school, 100 level though, law student. He had nothing in his pockets. Got stuck in the friend zone after a while. I guess you already know why. And Boom! That’s all about Kas she could remember.


She calls him “little guy”, he is in his twenties. They’ve been on for long. I actually even remember Lucky. But she says he isn’t on the important list, though he’s current, even till now.


He is cute, from a rich home, everything a girl wants (you sure about that?), he’s FAIR and she doesn’t do “Fair” guys. She left him because he wasn’t dark skinned. Hmmm…her love for dark guys though..goes to say “We all have our weird obsessions”.


One guy whose money she spent real bad! (She called it little change though).
Broad, short, not even close to being called handsome. Hehehe..indirectly, Nehemiah, that means you are ugly! Uglee!!!
Your money worked for you, the one week she spent with you. Lol guys! Nehemiah got the tag for shortest date-time span.


So he is from the same village as she is, “I liked him before he asked me out”. Well, she liked Ojei while they were still friends and knew he was going to ask her out soon, but when he finally did, she disliked him immediately! OMG! Why complicate life girls? She collected the gifts he bought for her and all but when he knew she was not right for him, he walked.That was smart, Ojei.


He used to own a studio at Ikorodu, stays in Lekki now though. She said she used to go to the studio then for the fun of it.
First friend at Ikorodu and that was before her admission, so she later had to leave lagos. Distance seperated them though after that. He was “average” in the pocket. And hear this: She knew he had a girlfriend when they initially got something going, but she went ahead, and the girl turned out later to be her friend!! (Jeez!)


I had thought this alphabet was going to be empty but no, we got Quadri. Rich little brat, pays for her calls. He was just there for the airtime. “Credit Boyfriend” in her words.


He had no respect for her and he always talked about marriage. He wanted a cousin? Hell no! He missed it there! She left.

She met sly after Kas. Remember Kas? Sly was smart enough to walk out, because she never attended to his human feelings. Whatever that means…


First boyfriend. Dark, chubby, cute, keeps his hair. Point is, she likes Temp a whole lot. What I don’t just get is his name.

“Hmmm….Benin local boy. He has a real “Benin man” attitude. (However benin men act though….I dont know!). “Always shouting” (lol…ok I get the benin attitude now.) He always wanted attention, and she couldn’t bear it.To top it all, ..He was stingy.


Sweet guy, who never liked to part with his money. He thought he was a smart ass. She said she always had her way of collecting money from him. He then noticed that he was at the losing end and called it off!


Yippie! Our first social media boyfriend. They met on Facebook. He used to send her money. But they never met.They don’t talk again though.


Met him before her admission. He did everything for her, but he did not get 10fts close to her. “mugu!!!” In her words, “I enjoyed him very well” When the “mugu” got tired, he left. Sorry!!!


We got stuck on Y. Then she remembered a guy she called “yoruba”. Because he is Yoruba. They dated for five months and she didn’t even know his name! She said she got tired of asking because she always forgot..he wasn’t important too. He stays in South Africa though, so the relationship was over the net. He thought because he was abroad he deserved preferential treatment from her, Sandra? Take the next turn.

Z: Zenith

Get this guys, his name is Zenith and he works with Zenith bank. I am smiling like a fool at this coincidence.
But wait though, probably he changed his name after he got to work in Zenith bank. Hehehe…Keep quiet. I may just be right. The way people change names nowadays. Anyway, he was just like Quadri, “Credit Boyfriend”.

P.S: “Credit Boyfriends” don’t last long.

Hmm! When I decided to do this write up, I did not know it was going to take much of my time. Finally, we wrap up the two weeks series on “Sandra’s Ex’s”. If you noticed guys, it was all about the money and facial looks.
She is neither the first, nor is she the last. She is just one of thousands of girls in this category. Shhh…just saying!

Hey Sandra! Thank you though for this sneak peek into your personal business.

Have a GREAT week guys! Muah!

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4 thoughts on “Sandra’s Ex (2) by Sharon Okhai

  1. the beautiful thing about such people (boy or girl) is that they always get away with it…till karma bites ’em in the ass. The annoying thing about karma is, it does always strike the same way or the way you expect it i.e you cheat…you expect someone to cheat on you,but no…karma goes to play with your career or education,it’s just that mean.
    i have a friend like that, almost in her thirties, and she is running to the church now. It’s not like guys ain’t coming, but they go as they come. Another classic example is paul in the bible–killed Christians…became a christian,but he still had to die a terrible death. the give and take principle must surely apply. It might not hurt, but it might someone you love
    nice post by the way

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Write up sounds Funny. I dunno if This Sandra thinks she outsmarted these men. One thing I know for sure, most men do not give for free or without a reason. Sounds like fun but I’ll advise she count her losses too or pay attention to them


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