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Different Ways Of Giving Your Old Clothes A New Look by Elsie Ogianyo

Let me guess, you are probably standing in front of your closet, looking down into your box of clothes, or, looking into your “Ghana-must-go” bag, if you are like me (yes I’m an upcoming rich person! 😒 KMT!😑), filled with all sorts of old clothes, either torn, worn out, faded, or maybe, just not as glam as it used to be in it’s early days of glory, and you are thinking, nahh…I can’t throw all these out, and you might not even want to give them out either.
If you are as emotionally attached to your clothes as I am, you would understand (yes I’m weak, judge me -__-).
Anyway, I have great news for you!! Guess what? You don’t have to throw it out, if it is still fairly okay.
You can totally glam up that old clothing in many awesome ways.

I would outline a few of them, so you can totally fix your clothes up yourself, it is easy and simple.

Holes, tear or burns?
If it is an old shirt that is starting to have holes, you can totally do a “patch work”, pry the holes open some more, and patch it in with a totally different material.
It may be a colourful material on a navy blue sweater or you can even use denim! Yeah! I know I am creative:roll:.

For burns which could come from ironing, I’ll tell you what I did to mine.
Well, it was a long sleeved shirt, and it got burnt somewhere close to the elbow, on just one of the sleeves. I simply took it to a tailor, had them cut away the sleeves on both sides up, to somewhere around the underarms, and then, the tailor hemed it. “TADA!” New style, short sleeves! Same shirt! No waste!

Fading/faded? Dye it! Just dye it! Yeah..that’s all :roll:, or you can do a colour splash on the clothing.

Embellishments could also come in handy! This is the fun part of it all, you can totally transform that jean into something different! Yes, by adding beads, glitters and so many other cool stuff.
Here is an example:


Cut it up, and stick something on.
For jeans, you can totally rip it, or, if it is too bad, you can turn it into shorts, a three-quarter short, or, a bum short should do nicely.

If it is a skirt, you could make it into something different. Add something lacy, or, just about any good plain-see-through material would serve.


There are so many other ways to re-glam your old clothes, so many different ways, all DIYS. You should look them up. These outlined above, are the easiest and more straight to the point.
Till next week! Xoxoxo! 😗💋

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