Fiction Series

Tales Of Kome…Story So Far

“Tales of Kome” is the story of Kome, a housewife who has begun to envy the world outside the kitchen. As the days go by, she becomes increasingly curious about what it would take to compete in the business world.
This desire which did not just appear over-night was fueled by her husband’s seeming preference to spending time working rather than being with her.

Tunde her husband appears non-chalant about “home affairs” and the way he treats Kome borders on “house-wife to house-girl”.
Hence, Kome craves the love they once had when they were newly wed and didn’t have material demands yanking at the relationship.

A mother of two, she hopes to be able to combine work with raising her children when she finally starts. But there is something or someone stopping her. Tunde.

Tunde doesn’t want his wife to work, but he admires women in his workplace and in the world generally, who have made a name for themselves. Kome thinks he is afraid of competition, but though he is, it is way deeper than that.

Kome also thinks Tunde has a really hot temper and she is seen always trying to thread carefully, but, in reality Tunde doesn’t and it is all just in her mind. Growing up, Kome had stayed with an aunt who had abused her physically and so much that it had a left a scar on her mind, and so that affects her relationship with Tunde to an extent. It is also noticeable in the way she reacts when her child gets back from school with marks from being flogged, visible all over his back.

We see Kome go from enjoying being a house wife to disliking it and so suddenly, becoming a woman who wants to conquer the world. But would Tunde allow her? Would Tunde overcome all his fears including the ones of having competition from his wife’s end?

Find out in the forthcoming episodes…


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