Personality Of The Week

Personality Of The Week – Nicole Ndigwe

Meet Miss Nicole Ndigwe, Script writer and actress who has lots of awards to her credit. She wrote Damage which was produced by Uche Jombo, she also starred in Tinsel and has done lots more which you would have to find out by reading the interview The Connect had with her.

Nicole Ndigwe

May we meet you?

My name is Nicole Ndigwe, I am a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Mass Communication (Class of 2015).

How did your journey into the movie industry begin?

I started acting at the age of 8. I was picked to play the role of “young Genevieve” on the set of “Cast Away”. The late Justus Esiri played the role of my father and Patience Ozokwor, the role of my mother. Growing up, I was a very out-spoken child and so one day, when the producer of the movie who was a friend to my cousin (also an actor) met me, she decided that I was going to be on her set.

So since then, you have been acting on a regular basis?

Actually, not exactly. When I took that role, it kind of affected school. I had to miss my mid-term test and so when I got back, I had to re-do my test while other students were having classes. It was a lot of distraction for me and at the end of the term, I was 9th position, something which had never happened before. So my father, there and then, decided that I was never going to feature in any movie again till I was done with school.

Are you serious?

Yes, but of course, that did not work. By the time I was in SS2, I starred in another movie “All I ever wanted” with Desmond Elliot, Mercy Johnson and then after secondary school, I acted in some others, Damage, Tinsel, Dear Mother, Unbended knees, Miss Fashion, Rainy season, My Diva with Chika Ike, to mention a few. I also won a couple of awards like City People awards, BON (Best Of Nollywood) awards, for Damage. The next year, 2011, I gained admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study Mass Communication.

So tell us about school.

I lived a very low key life in Nsukka, and nobody really got to know about me until my final year when I got selected by the British Council to represent Nigeria at Edinburgh in March, 2015. It was a screen writers competition and out of 200 people, I and five other people were selected for an all expense paid trip to Scotland, so a friend who was also one of the head presenters at Lion Fm, the official radio station for University of Nigeria Nsukka, found out and he kept announcing it for over a week and that was when people started asking who Nicole was.

Now that you are done with school, what are your plans?

Hmm…right now, I am planning to venture into producing and directing. But first, I intend to get my face out there some more, so I am starring in a couple of movies and television series.

Can you let us in on the movies you have featured in recently?

Condo (tv series), The Kidnap (movie), Well played (DSTV, afrinolly), My Bet (feature film)

Now, let’s talk about Damage…what inspired you into writing it?

Damage is a movie about domestic violence and its effect on young children in the relationship. My character Dammy, showed the psychological effect on children, while the character’s brother showed the physical(violent) side.
Writing Damage, I was inspired by an encounter I had with a family friend when I was in primary six. I had gone to their house to spend one of those mid term breaks.

They were a very rich family and so had a flat screen television which was not common at the time. I and my friend watched “Parent trap” on the television and I just loved everything about the television, it’s screen size etc. The holidays were soon over and a couple of days later, I went back to the house and the television wasn’t there anymore. You can imagine how shocked I was. I asked her (my friend) and she said that her mother had smashed it, and she went on to say that her mother normally broke things and threw them at people whenever she got angry and that at their house in London, they didn’t have a television because of this. And when I asked what her dad did when all this was happening, she told me that he normally ran away or just held her mother down.

Later on, I watched “Love the way you lie” by Eminem and I just told myself that people actually went through this(domestic violence) and that was how I wrote the movie.

Asides acting, what other areas are you good at?

I am a poet and I am publishing soon. Two books actually, one is a compilation of about 30 poems written by me and the other is a compilation of short stories. I am also into business and I have an online mall, IVEDIAHUB, where you can get everything and anything African.


Well, I am going to say, it comes once in a while, when people recognize me when I am in public. But ask me again in a year and I would tell you how it has become.

What are your goals for this year?

By the end of this year, I want to know that I have something keeping my face stable on television and also produce my first short film (I have something in the works on malaria and maternal mortality) and also, a feature film

Advice to other youths?

As an actress, I would advise any beginner to finish school first before venturing into the entertainment industry because it would really hurt you when you have to let go of a job due to school work and depending on your level of discipline you may not be able to let go when you need to and it could affect your grades.
Also, do not be desperate, just be eager to work, start with an open mind, pray constantly and trust God.



Quote of the day:
» Be great in act, as you have been in thought.
-Williams Shakespeare


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