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Hey February!! Hello Valentine!!! by Sharon Okhai

Happy New Month guys.

It is the “LoveMonth” 😄😄. I know some of you are already counting down, while some others just dont care. I fall in the category of the “IDC’s” (yeah…shoot me! 😒).

I saw a picture on Twitter a  couple of hours ago that said: “Thank God Valentine falls on Sunday, I would be attending 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th services and even House fellowship!” LOL! 😂😂😂😂

Well, let’s just say I have never been so into the “Valentine thing”. But hey! It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to share a thought (or two), about Valentine (Sorry val lovers, i’m so going to be opinionated).

This article is coming in before ‘Val’s week’, and that’s exactly my aim. With all the fuss going on about it, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little bit ahead! And I finally have the platform to share my thoughts on VAL!:oops::oops:


This picture wraps up my whole thought process right now. (IDFWVal)
The only issue I got with Valentine though, is the motive behind it.
It’s simply crazy. With the Nigerian mentality, Valentine’s day is a day to just collect gifts! You know some of you actually take out time to write a list of our “wants” and make sure Valentine fulfills them all! (Yes you! I mean you!)
You have deviated from what it is all about…LOVE.

Tell somebody you are going to be spending Val’s day alone by choice and they stare at you like you just said you are considering a sex change, or, you think Davido’s got the sweetest voice ever! Oops! :|:|:|

Any which way guys, if you are just going to be home all day like me, or you  probably don’t have a val yet, and you have  no plans of having one anytime soon, take a chill pill, I Got You Covered. Yup yup!! So this is what I think you and I can do on V day. Remember, we are in this together.

Get That One Thing You’ve Been Admiring Recently ( Go Shopping!)


I have been so obsessed with this for so long now. Not just that, I actually do want all colours. It’s going to feel so good to get something for myself.
You are alone on V-day doesn’t mean you should mope and feel sorry for yourself. Add a thing or two to your Wardrobe. Get that “dough” out of your purse and go get that stuff. You know v-day doesn’t always go the way we plan, you may have been promised that one thing that has been on your mind and may end up just not getting it! Disappointments? You can avoid them. Make a promise to yourself to get those crazy heels, that Chanel bag, Kylie Jenner’s lip kit or something! (sorry, I do not know what’s in vogue for the guys:?) ..And by the way, I am not implying you spend much.

Spoil Yourself! (Food First!): Declare V-day a Me-day. The french guys would say “Me Jour”.


Personally, I have a very weird eating habit, my appetite is too picky. I somtimes just want to eat a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t get to eat on a daily basis and I sometimes can’t probably because I am not  “boxed up” at the time.
Almost everybody is crazy about “Shawarma” for instance. Let’s be sincere, some girls have never spent their money on shawarma! While you guys have probably spent more on shawarmas for the girls than getting clean under pants for yourselves 😂😂 (Let me say this to boost your self confidence; I do seriously think being alone on V-day is a lot cheaper, easier and stress free!) Let’s move on! Eat that stuff you feel like eating (forget about the price tag) and yes, it’s okay to be stingy that day. Relax at home and devour that meal. Or just drop it all on a guilty pleasure, visit a spa, get a massage, watch that movie you’ve watched a thousand times? Who cares? Do whatever the hell you want. Remember, it is all about spoiling, pampering and treating yourself to something special. It’s your “Me Day”



Hold up!  I know what just went through your mind right now. LOL. Well, my definition of getting high is: Being on that radar where you are so happy, your whole body feels it, your actions tell it, you are virtually smiling all day! Even when someone’s trying to get at you, not knowing you could reach 100% level of crazy! Not letting any negative attitude out, spreading that aura of love, that care free attitude. Just getting high on love.
Not just that though, take a risk too. Doing something you don’t usually do. Never worn that crazy jean that’s been in your wardrobe since like forever? Put it on. (Even though you are going to be home all day, you can still look beautiful for you!) It’s V-day …ALONE, make your day fun, do something you would remember. What’s your definition of being high??? Like I said do whatever you want!..It’s Me day!..sorry, I meant V-day.

And that’s a wrap! (I know I am already literally dead from them Valentine lovers:D😄).

Drop your comments. Till next week 🚶🚶🚶. Be cool guys!

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Quote of the day:
We learn from history that we do not learn from history.
     ~ George Wilhelm Hegel


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