He Found Me (Poetry)


My heart was I reluctant to give,

But persistent and hot on my heels was he,

All in the name of love?

I didn’t believe it,

I had once mistaken lust for love,

And heart breaks as countless as the desert sand,

I have experienced,

But like a patient dog,

He took my hand,

And said,

Let’s begin as friends,

Days ran into weeks,

Weeks became months,

Slowly, I was swept off my feet,

I had never felt anything like it,

“Maybe he is the one”

I would catch myself saying,

He asked again,

And I said “YES”,

And so began our love story,

Made in heaven,

As beautiful as the stars glowing in the sky at night,

As perfect as the full moon,

As peaceful as the air I breathe,

Love so pure from a man so true,

My Valentine has found me,

And he has come to stay!

-Blessing Iyamadiken

Quote of the day:
We should read to give our souls a chance to luxuriate.
-Henry Miller


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