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Three Best Way to Make Your Curls Sparkle These Holidays by Viki Howell

I have outlined tips for creating a glamorous and beautiful look for your curls.
Simple elegance is in vogue now, so choose one of these haircuts for yourself, and make everybody go “wow” this night.  Make your curls glow and sparkle all night long.

Check out these three hairstyles for different types of curls.

Hairstyle #1 Stunning Side Sweep for Loose Curls:
Strike everybody around with this refined and voluminous side sweep. Section your hair and spritz it with styling spray that fits your curl type. Try to avoid spritzing roots, only ends and middle parts.
Comb every section with a wide-toothed brush. Take a dab of hair cream into your hands and rub your hands a little. After that, run it through every strand, thereby applying the product to your hair. Here, you should also avoid roots and start from ends, moving up. Sculpt your curl shape, like you want. Fix the whole hairdo with a finishing spray. You can make a deep side part and mist one side with sparkling pins.


Hairstyle #2 Modern Waves for Classic Curls:
Take a small strand of your hair and comb it with a brush to add more volume. Begin quarter of an inch from the ends of the hair and use small, back-and-forth motions to create volume. Spray all over your head and shake it a little bit to make it fluffier. To finish it all, flip hair over and back and fluff one more time.


Hairstyle#3 Voluminous Shine for Tight Curls:
Give your curls a little bit of edge, with volume and without absolute definition. Apply hair cream to your hair. Do it section by section after rubbing it on your hands previously. Make sure you use your favorite hair pomade and some heat protection product, to prevent hair damage. Make ringlets with the help of small curling iron.  Add more volume to sections of the hair by teasing with your fingertips. Finish the whole hairdo with special spray and you can also clip your hair.


Shine like a star, and make sure you visit in NYC to make your hair look even better.

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