Moments With Shan

My Personality Symbols by Sharon Okhai

Yo Wassup! Fine? Okay, I meant to write ‘Hi Lovelies’. How was last week’s Valentine’s special article (I’m still alive from been opinionated).
Take note: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I had a whole lot to do this week, that I actually forgot I had an article to write. I surprisingly came up with a lot of stuff to write but I settled for this:
Three objects that best represents Me.

I had to think deep and really write about these objects or symbol that best represents my personality. It’s fun and I’ll say sometimes it’s okay to indulge one’s self.
Now let me let you in on the top three objects I feel represents me the most.



I’d describe myself as a pen majorly because I love to write! I express myself more on paper. I’m a poet. Poem is all about writing, yeah?
I’ve gone down memory lane a lot of times, when I bump into an old book or a worn out paper where I wrote something down. Most times I’d laugh cause it’s something funny ( I probably gossiped about somebody or something), Or, sometimes I’d just ponder and totally ask myself if I actually did write that down.
Often times, it makes me think deeply. It brings time back in my own words, my own handwriting, my own feeling, my own deep thoughts. It’s no joke that I am a writer for The Connect. It’s just passion being played out into reality.

The expression of the mind through words is a powerful instrument, let’s remember.
One book, one pen, one child, one teacher, can change the world.
A pen mostly best represents me.



Birds are considered great singers and communicators. I wouldn’t say I’m a great singer, but, when I sing, I know I sound pleasant to the ears. I love to sing and I dont care if I come off as proud on that fact. I never sing a lyric wrong. Trust me, if I weren’t doing what I love at the moment, I would probably want to be signed to “YBNL records” (my love for every YBNL crew member though) or “Def jam records” in the United Kingdom. Take a good laugh at that, because I am also laughing. Someone asked me once at work where I do my voice over thingy, what things I would love to do the most, and I said I would probably want to be a disc jockey, a producer (I’d love to work with Young John..Call me Young Jane), a songwriter, a singer..damn! I would probably own my own record label in a week. I am a Jane of all trades!

Music simply explains things when words fail. Words have failed me a lot and I have sang my way through. By the way, birds are communicators too.
I can remember the first time I wrote for the blog, the feeling was ecstatic. I’m communicating to you guys, I also got an audience to rant and share what I feel. Hell, I love to talk, especially about things I know a lot about. I am just a great singer (Sshh…yeah) and a communicator, frankly I’d say a talkative. Call me a bird, but remember, I am a very cute one.



I love a lot of things and a lot of people, so I can say, I have a big heart that is joyful. Anyway, my personality matches a heart…A red red heart.

The Heart most simply, of course, means love. I love every one that takes out time to read my ramblings (my articles), I love you deep.

And yes! I’d like to really know at least 3 objects that best represents you or your personality.

Let’s interact. Drop a Comment. Be good and stay safe.
Au revior, mes amis 🚶🚶🚶

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Quote of the day:
Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

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