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Style Crush Wednesday by Elsie Ogianyo

Helloooo people! Trust y’all are enjoying your week so far. Well mine has been bittersweet so to speak, but I’m getting my groove back:).

Today, I am doing something like a picture story of my favorite style person, and all round crush, FOLAKE HUNTOON. I follow her on instagram, and she is just amazing!

Apart from the fact that she has an amazing style, she’s 38 and is married with 3 beautiful children, and looks 25 (I think I even look older than her😭).

Her figure is “body goals”, and I want to add that in all the pictures added to this post, you’ll notice that she’s on one hair style, this is because that is her real hair:'(.

I am typing this and I am literally numb from jealousy. I think she is blessed in every way.

You all should totally check out her page on Instagram @stylepantry
What’s more, she also has an amazing collection of shoes.

At times, I find myself dressing like her unconsciously. I remember a day in particular, I did that, and my friend actually voiced her observation. She said “You dressed like that style pantry babe today”. I’ll never forget those words :'(:'(😭
So sit back and enjoy the pictures!










I hope you can now understand why she’s my crush, I mean, looking at all these pictures, you should be able to relate.

PS: We know you may not be reading this Folake :|..but we absolutely loooveee your style!

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Quote of the day:
Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.
—Erica Jong

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